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Sedins Not Necessarily Going Home After Contracts Expire

Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I don't remember where I had read it several years ago. It was probably one of The Province or The Vancouver Sun where the Sedins had mentioned that they wanted to return home to Sweden to play out their hockey years for Modo when their current contracts expire in 2018. They will be 38 years old at that time, and are making $7 million per season each until that date.

Now, the Sedins have told Hockeyexpressen that they are not so sure that they'll do that anymore. I think they really like Vancouver, as do their families.

"Nah, it is not a given, but from year to year. We've met before, and then we said that we should move home, but it becomes more and more that it can happen that in all cases, still live there a year," says Henrik.

"It was easy to say "yes, absolutely" Ten or fifteen years ago. Then perhaps we had a thought of coming home when you were 30. Now we are soon 35 and will play to the 38. Then it is not as easy."

Who knows what the Canucks' plans are with the Twins a few years from now. Hell they could try and trade them at the trade deadline in 2018.

"I find it hard to see it actually. But we have a few years ahead of us with younger players and we do not really meant and how they see us, when it's our last year and it begins to approach the trading deadline. It is the seat where you take it year by year. But it is Vancouver that apply to us," clarifies Henry.

Yea I love how Swedish translates to English. Anyway, don't you love their loyalty to Vancouver? It's a rare thing for these Canucks to have super players wanting to stay here forever. The Sedins have given millions to childrens' hospitals and who knows what else in Vancouver. It's a special thing. They also talk about that in the Hockeyexpressen interview as well as the youth coming through the system, leadership, pressure and more. Check it out.

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