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Canuck year in review: The best Canuck games 2014-15

These games left you yelling F*&k Yeah! at your television...laptop?

Wins....oh God we love those.
Wins....oh God we love those.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Welcome to the second part of my review of the Canucks 2014-15 season. The first part looked at the worst games the Canucks played last season while this part will look at those games that made you stand up and say "fuck yeah!" and then crack open that 6th beer. These are the games that keep us as diehard fans even when see some of the shitty games from part one. The games below are the ones that give us that tiny inkling of hope that a cup will be given to a Hank and a banner will be raised in Rogers. So let’s start…

Game 1: Vancouver 5 NY Rangers 4 S/O Feb 19th, 2015

Going back to 2011, the Rangers owned the Canucks. Some could say the Rangers really have owned the Canucks since 1994. (Fuck you Messier). Throw in Alain Vigneault’s presence behind the bench and the hate for the Rangers is always there. This game in New York didn’t start off well as the Canucks were missing six regulars. The only brightside was King Henrik was not in the Rangers net.

Like so many games this year, the Canucks spotted the opposition to a lead in the first. In fact they let Stepan have the slot all to himself as he rocketed a one-timer past Miller. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Nucks did not play a perfect game…or anything close to it, but they did a lot of things right.

The Nucks came back from a deficit to tie the Rangers 3 times. The Canucks took advantage of their only PP. They shutout the Rangers while on the PK. The "4th" line scored a couple times as did the top line. The old "pull the goalie well before you should" actually worked out as Hank buried one past Talbot with 2 minutes left in the game. (Get ready for more of that next year Cam) AMFB showed some of his charisma by fighting his younger self in a Rangers uniform (Kreider), and then scoring a shootout goal to help win the game.

Fuck New York. Fuck AV. Fuck Yeah Canucks!!

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Game 2: Vancouver 4 LA Kings 1 Mar 21, 2015

Coming into this game the Canucks were in second place in the Pacific, but were only 2 points up on LA. The Kings, who really put themselves into a deep hole at the start of the year, were back in playoff form and had dominated the Nucks in the three previous games, outscoring them 12-3. This is what you would a statement game for the Nucks. Win and get one step closer to eliminating LA and securing their own spot, or lose and watch the Vancouver media find a hundred different ways to describe "choke".

After watching the highlights again I remember how fired up both teams were. Both goalies tried to decapitate an opposing player. Toffoli should his douchiness when he cross-checked Burrows, sending him head first into the boards. The Canucks actually took advantage of a 5 on 3 situation and Vrbata scored the winner. Bonino got himself a seeing-eye bouncer over Quick’s shoulder which must have made him feel like a gorilla had just jumped off his back. Jannik Hansen tried to let the Kings back in it when he took a high sticking penalty with less than a minute left, but Mr. Horvat scores another empty netter to seal it.

This game was exciting playoff style hockey. And in hindsight, maybe the Canucks might have been better off playing LA in the first round. (Nah…..they probably would have lost that series as well.) The Canucks finally got a win against LA and would win the next game against them as well. It felt good to see the defending champs struggle and ultimately fail to get into the playoffs. Fuck LA.

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Game 3: Vancouver 5 Chicago 4 O/T Feb 11, 2015

I hate Chicago. Having said that, I have a deep respect for the talent and style of game they play. The Hawks are the measuring stick for teams in the west. And the history between these two teams has created a nice little rivalry. And over the past 5 years the regular season has been an equal affair between the two teams. So it was no surprise that the first period ended 0-0.

Dan Hamhuis….er, I mean Patrick opened the scoring when he pass deflected in off the Nucks defensemen. That type of goal is usually a sign from the hockey gods that Nucks are in for a long shitty night. But the Nucks team this year had allowed so many opening goals, that it was more like an alarm clock going off for the Nucks who decided to show up and play.

The Nucks scored the next three goals in the second and went to the dressing room smiling. But of course then the Canucks turn into the team that causes us to drink heavily and take some dumb penalties that make it 4-3 Nucks in the third. And to top it off, Eddie Lack does his best Luongo impression and let’s in a very soft goal to Marion Hossa with less than a minute left. To be fair though, it wasn’t all dumb luck that let the Hawks back into it. The Hawks had more shots, more scoring chances, more faceoff wins and a PP that worked.

As the team’s skated over to their benches before overtime began, I could hear the "tank" Canuck fans snickering. The Nucks had lost to the Wild two nights before and they sat in 4 place in the Pacific and 8th in the conference, just two points ahead of the Wild. While one point was nice, the second point was a necessity to keep the gap 4 points.

During the preseason, the naysayers would always come back to the fact that the Sedins were getting old and didn’t have the wheels or skills to take over any game. Even after having a very good season up until this game, people always doubt the Sedins. I think overtime of the game was a reminder to the rest of the league that they can still determine the outcome of any game. Daniel had already scored a rebound goal tonight after Henrik was hauled down on a partial breakaway. But it was the display of passing between the Sedins, Sbisa and Hamhuis in O/T that dazzled even the Hawks announcers. The Sedins stayed out there the whole 1:20 of overtime, surviving a couple Chicago rushes then setting up in the offensive. Finally Sbisa got the puck to Henrik in the corner as Daniel went to the net and buried it past Crawford.

This was not a pretty game, but any win against Chicago is a satisfying win. And when Daniel scored, I am pretty sure that more than one Canuck household erupted with a cry of "Fuck Yeah!"

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Honourable mentions:

Any other win against Ana, SJ, LA, Bos and Tor.

Going over these games made me look at the calendar today. The season needs to hurry the fuck up.