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2015 Canucks Summer Summit

The Vancouver Canucks held their 2015 Summer Summit at Rogers Arena yesterday in front of a couple thousand season ticket holders, and boy oh boy, was there not a shortage of interesting quotes that arose from the fan questionnaire. Here's some of the more interesting quotes that came from the Summer Summit, including a fiery, passionate tack from TSN 1040 caller and popular Canucks fan "Tanbir from Surrey." Plus, see why Canucks fans were booing Jim Benning.

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John Shorthouse begins telling a story to Trevor Linden and the audience about how his 11-year-old son, Will, wanted an Eddie Lack jersey back in April for the Canucks playoff matchup against the Calgary Flames. Shorty did not meet his son's request at the time and reasoned with his boy that he would get a signed version from Eddie in training camp come September. Well, Lack was sent to Carolina for the 66th overall in 2015 NHL Entry Draft (Guillaume Brisebois) and a 7th round draft pick in 2016, a deal that didn't yield nearly as much as what the New York Rangers got for Cam Talbot (who I use as a comparison because he's the same age as Lack, is a UFA next season like Lack, has roughly the same body of work and both goaltenders filled in for a significant stretch when starting goaltenders Ryan Miller and Henrik Lundqvist went down with injuries this past season.) -- the 57th, 79th and 184th picks in the 2015 draft (Edmonton did get the Rangers 209th pick back, though). The couple thousand fans inside the Rog starting chanting "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie," an obvious sign of displeasure of moving Lack, the most likeable personality the Canucks fan base had adored in years. After the fans settled down, Linden promised Will that he'll make it up to him.


Canucks general manager Jim Benning addressed the need for his team to become younger, quicker and more physical to play against (shouldn't that be every team's mindset?) in the significantly improved Pacific Division. Benning referenced the disappointing first round exit and said the need for more speed and emotion was evident versus the Flames; Benning and the management team concluded that they needed to become a step faster and better at transitioning the puck out of their own end and moving it effectively up the ice from their backend. Willie Desjardins then chimes in to explain the process of incorporating younger players into their lineup. Desjardins reveals how excited he is for about "6 or 7 kids" in the Canucks organization that will be contributing to the team somewhere down the line. Willie goes on about how stoked the veterans in the Canucks dressing room were when it was announced that Bo Horvat wouldn't be heading back to London of the Ontario Hockey League for the 2014/15 season and staying on full-time with the Canucks.


The number one thing Canucks fans are taking about on Twitter today -- besides of the Surrey legend Tanbir, of course --  is when Jimbo dropped the bomb that the Canucks could've moved Ryan Miller instead of Lack, which promptly generated a negative reaction from Canucks nation.

"We could've moved Ryan Miller. There were teams calling on Ryan Miller. I believe you have a number one experienced goalie (Ryan Miller) with a young goalie (Jacob Markstrom). So what happened, like, when Ryan Miller got injured, he was 2nd or 3rd in the league for wins and he was having a real good season for us and he then he got hurt. I expect him to come back next year and be real good for us, he's a number one goalie. The problem you have is when you don't know if a back-up goalie can handle the number one job is it sucks all the confidence out of your team. And maybe going forward Eddie can do that, but I just didn't feel comfortable going forward in this market not having a proven number one goalie to give our team a chance to win every night."

It makes you wonder, what were the offers Benning received for Miller? How much salary would've the Canucks had to of retained if he found a viable trading partner? Benning was adamant about how Lack is perceived around the league as a "back-up", stating that Eddie will be in Carolina behind Cam Ward next season. Ward has been atrocious the last few years and the fact that Benning openly referred to Ward as a starter in the National Hockey League is a little bothering to hear the way JB currently assesses Ward and how he believes Lack still isn't good enough to be the number one guy. Both the Carolina Hurricanes goaltenders are in the final years of their contracts. Yes, Ward has won a Conn Smythe and Stanley Cup, but then was in 2006. Ward has been average since the 2011/12 season when he last posted a save percentage above .910. There's not too many goaltenders stock in the league that have fallen harder than Cam Ward's over the last few seasons for the money he makes ($6.3 million cap hit).


Then the fireworks began. "Tanbir from Surrey" took control of the microphone and begin questioning the team's decision to spend close to $5 million on fourth line wingers Derek Dorsett and Brandon Prust.

"Not a second line. Not a third line. But a fourth line."

Tanbir, tell us how you really feel? Tanbir does raise a valid point in his next point: this one and done of making the playoffs and being eliminated in the first round has got to stop. The team has three years and needs to properly start rebuilding. If the Sedins gradually move into second and third line roles, then so be it. In a quite hilarious fashion, Trevor Linden asked Jim Benning to answer Tanbir's questions.

"I love the passion of our fans and the emotion. If we could take this energy and emotion and transport it to our team then we'll be closer to winning a Stanley Cup. We're going to do things the right way around here; we're drafting right, we're drafting players that we win. You've seen that in Bo Horvat, he's one of those players, Jake Virtanen and Brock Boeser. Part of getting that 3rd round pick was Guillaume Brisebois. If we would've gotten a 2nd round pick that was the guy we were going to draft. Guillame Brisebois is going to be a top-four defenceman for us."

"When we analyze where we came up short in the playoffs, Calgary played with more emotion than we did. It was that Ferland, Michael Ferland running around. We need to be able to rise to that occasion in the playoffs and play with emotion. With Brandon Prust, we're going to bring in younger players. LA got tougher with Lucic, other teams got tougher. I don't want our young players to get picked on this year. I want them to go out and be able to play and feel comfortable, and with Dorsett and Prust in the lineup, they're going to create a safe working environment for our players.

Jeez, I wonder how much Ferland was in the back of Jim Benning's mind when he pulled the trigger on the Zack Kassian deal. The fans gave a round of applause when Benning discussed creating a safe environment for the kids. Meat and potatoes baby, meat and potatoes.

Some other tidbits included in the video above is that the Canucks are looking into changing their logo in the next few years to break off any remaining ties with the Orca Bay crest.

According to a season ticket holder that posted on HF Boards under the username as "Y2KCanucks" after the event, Linden talked one-on-one with Y2KCanucks about a variety of storylines surrounding the team. The HF poster said Linden informed him that Benning has made attempts to deal Chris Higgins during the offseason, but Higgins has drawn little interest around the league as it's reported that nobody wants to take on the final two-years of his contract at $2.5 million per. He wasn't the only person that reportedly talked to Linden one-on-one, as Tanbir's Twitter picture changed Linden and Tanbir together after the event. It's quite understandable that a bottom-six winger in Higgins is unwanted around the league since he's been practically invisible in the last three Canucks playoff rounds. It's a little shocking to hear Trevor admit this to a fan, especially considering what kind of a classy guy Higgins is -- or "glue guy" as he often gets referred to as on Twitter by Canucks fans. Higgins has rumoured to be on the trading block or awhile now, and this surely won't help in diffusing the talks heading into training camp.

Via HF Boards

Via HF Boards

Make sure to tune into Tanbir's next podcast, which is reportedly being recorded tonight, known as the "Cawrpan From Surrey Podcast." I'll add the link once it's recorded.

You can find all the latest episodes here:

Tanbir did call into TSN 1040 after the Summer Summit and had this to say (fast-forward to 8:00):

A great summary of the Summer Summit can be found in this Vine below:

And last but certainly not least, Linden announced that the Canucks For Kids Fund raised over $3.6 million last season and over $50 million since inception. That alone should've been the takeaway headline from this event, but not when the Canucks management team opens up with all honesty.


Here's tonight's CFS podcast:

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