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The Zack Kassian Era Ends

Man I am going to miss that goofy smile.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

This was one feels like a surprise, but after you digest it, it's really not.

The history of the Kassian/Hodgson is well documented but considering both found new homes this summer - Hodgson signing earlier today with Nashville - we can finally agree this trade didn't work at all for either side. Kassian, acquired in that 2012 tradeline deadline blockbuster, was supposed to offer up a size and net presence the "softish" Vancouver was lacking after their run to the Cup the previous season.

Oh, and of course, Hodgson very much had to go.

At times Kassian was the beast up front and brought all his skills together, but more often than not he was still quite green, still prone to bad decisions that lead to bad penalties (and sometimes suspensions) and tested the patience of three coaches and two GM's. Kassian was heavily rumored at both the previous deadlines to be heading out of town.

If he pulls it all together for Montreal, Canucks fans will never let Benning hear the end of it.

In return the Canucks pick up Brandon Prust of the "physical energy agitator" variety that should fill in for Kassian somewhere in the bottom six. He has one year remaining on his deal.

This deal tastes like a bit of a wash, with a slight nod towards Montreal since Kassian - in theory - could turn out to be much more of an asset than he was during his time in Vancouver. Not to mention they get the pick, but Prust will almost certainly provide that degree of "snarl" Vancouver is certainly missing with Kassian and Bieksa gone. The fact we have to defer to adjectives to, in part, justify the trade is a bit of a tip off on the value exchanged, huh?

It's worth referencing here that Dale Weise was largely neglected and tossed away to Montreal and it worked well for him. In the meantime...

This rebuild is going splendidly!