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Kevin Bieksa Traded To Anaheim For, Naturally, A Second Round Pick

Once again the Canucks move a lifer to Southern California because you're vexed so just get used to it already.

Good night sweet prince.
Good night sweet prince.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in consecutive summers, we'll have to get used to one of our own looking out of place in a Ducks uniform. After Doug Wilson pulled out of the deal to move #3 to San Jose, Benning finally found his second round pick and made Kevin Bieksa a Duck in the process.

And, now, a quick Twitter break to test your intestinal fortitude:

Unlike Ryan Kesler's expedited exit out of town, Bieksa's exit is all about that final year of his $4.6 million dollar contract. A well-earned deal mind you: Bieka's 597 games played and 241 career points puts him 28th on the list of all time scoring leaders behind Geoff Courtnall. It would have been awesome for Bieksa to skate into the sunset as a lifetime Canuck, but that's such a rare feat these days. Now he can fade into Anaheim's second or third pairing and get another chance or two at a Cup run.

ANYONE booing this skater when he returns to Vancouver doesn't understand what service and loyalty to the crest on a jersey really means.

On the flip side you have to applaud Benning for turning a 34-year-old defenseman on the downside of his career into a second round pick as the organization continues to look more like its entering a rebuild even if they won't admit it.

Benning now enters the start of the UFA period tomorrow with a $8.2 million cushion to fill in the final five spots.