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UPDATE: Nope, he's a King. Nevermind - Lucic To Vancouver Rumors: Yes Please!

Isn't hockey strange?

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

June 26 9:00AM PT Update: Well, good news if you wanted to see more of the guy...


June 26 9:00AM PT Update: I happen to vehemently disagree with good sir Zanny on wanting Lucic to don the Orca, and it is draft day so we'll hear a bunch of stupid stuff anyway, but the latest on this stuff:

On Friday, Lucic told PHT’s Dhiren Mahiban he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a trade to Vancouver, should such a deal arise. The Bruins forward, who has a 15-team NTC, grew up in East Vancouver and played junior hockey for the WHL Giants before getting drafted in 2006 by the Bruins — back when current Canucks GM Jim Benning was an assistant in Boston.

All the 2011 (and 2013) stuff aside, I'm still not seeing how he works financially to speak nothing about our rather green defense if Bieksa is heading out the door. But, hey, strangers things as they say... (-YC)


I have no idea what Jim Benning has in store for transactions on NHL Draft Day. We know he wants to recapture a 2nd round pick in this year's Draft. He can deal Eddie Lack for that pick. Is dealing Kevin Bieksa for a 2nd rounder fair value? Hmmmm....Maybe. Ok fine. Yes it is.

We head into today bracing ourselves for what moves Benning will make. Do the Canucks need to get younger? Yes. Do they need to get tougher? Absolutely. Milan Lucic fits both needs. He's 27 years old. He is a physical force. Sure, his offensive productivity has declined recently:

His cap hit is $6 million for the 2015-16 season before he becomes an unrestricted free agent. But this is a Benning guy who Benning knows what he has in him. All 2014-15 stats and handshake line with the Habs and any other extra-curricular things aside, we know what Lucic brings on the ice. It's a beautiful balls-out  power forward ability that we wish Zack Kassian would bring nightly. So why not bring in a sure-shot and give the Bruins what they are craving (Bruins hockey/meaning rough and asshat hockey?) Sure, giving up Lucic is a loss in that style but they get 2 Bruins-type players in return. And hey, let them deal with Kassian's inconsistencies. If they can mend him, he is that perfect Bruins model type of player.

In return we get Lucic. Local boy comes home. Put him with the Sedins or Vrbata/Bonino and he will not let opposing teams fuck with them. What a huge win!

In regards to this incident:

.........and Miller's reaction to it:

Fuck it! All it takes is an "I'm sorry" and a "Dinner and beer on me" and that incident gets laid to bed. That kind of thang has happened since day 1 of sports. Both players just want to win and will mend that fence.

Financially speaking, how would the Canucks fit Lucic on their payroll? They currently have barely over $5 million to sign guys like Baertschi, Stanton, Weber, Corrado, maybe Richardson. But in moving Bieksa and Kassian they already free up about $6.5 million in salary. Flog Eddie Lack and that cap space increases even more ($1.15 million). Doesn't seem so out of this world does it?

Nope. Not accepting hate mail on Milan for his past asskicking of the Canucks or personal life decisions. The Canucks need a Lucic - calibre player.