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Selection Order & Start Time for Round 1

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Next season begins now. Here's all you need to know heading into Friday night.

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Vancouver enters the 2015 NHL Entry Draft not terribly dissimilar to this time last year: questions about the direction of the team (rebuilding vs retooling), who are the main talents in net and what of their aging defensive and offensive cores?

Here's what we know: Benning is looking to deal one goalie and potentially a defenseman (current rumors are Bieksa) before the draft starts or before he makes his first round selection. We also know Vancouver has no second or third round picks, so after the 23rd pick they need to rest until the 114 spot of the fourth round, likely a bit too long for a draft sycophant like Benning. We also know the bottleneck in goal may not resolve itself until the Cam Talbot domino falls - something outside of Benning's control - so we'll get a good idea of his itchy trigger finger here in the process.

What Benning does in the next 48 hours will be instrumental for the make-up of this team for the next 10 months and beyond. Keep your eye on this stream for updates.

The specifics

BB&T Center | Sunrise, Florida, USA

Round 1: Friday, June 26 at 7 p.m. ET

Television: NBCSN (USA), Sportsnet (Canada)

Rounds 2-7: Saturday, June 27 at 10 a.m. ET

Television: NHL Network (USA), Sportsnet (Canada)

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The 1st round draft order

subject to change, of course

  1. Edmonton
  2. Buffalo
  3. Arizona
  4. Toronto
  5. Carolina
  6. New Jersey
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Columbus
  9. San Jose
  10. Colorado
  11. Florida
  12. Dallas
  13. Los Angeles  → Boston
  14. Boston
  15. Calgary  → Boston
  16. Pittsburgh → Edmonton
  17. Winnipeg
  18. Ottawa
  19. Detroit
  20. Minnesota
  21. NY Islanders → Buffalo → Ottawa
  22. Washington
  23. Vancouver
  24. Nashville → Toronto
  25. St. Louis → Buffalo → Winnipeg
  26. Montreal
  27. Anaheim
  28. NY Rangers → Tampa Bay
  29. Tampa Bay → Philadelphia
  30. Chicago → Arizona

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