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Our old pal Alain is in some familiar territory right now, as the Rangers are facing elimination in Game 5 of their series against the Capitals. Also, the Ducks and Flames face off in Game 4, and I don't know about you, but I sure am looking forward to having panelists, journalists and others talking down to us again.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Is it just me, or are the talking heads becoming more and more defensive whenever there's an issue with on or off ice officiating this playoff year? From the tut-tutting of Brandon Prust speaking his mind about an official who crossed the line (we here could have let you know how this was gonna end, but it's shocking that they did hold back on the kind of character assassination that Alex Burrows saw), to the geography lessons after the disallowed goal against the Flames the other night, the hockey media's unwillingness to nip at the hand that feeds continues to be a source of frustration. While I don't think they need to go full on tinfoil, it certainly wouldn't hurt the game to actually stand up to the NHL and call them on their BS every once in a while.

The lack of transparency when it comes to decisions made by the on ice crews, the war room and the Dept of Player Safety seem so out of place in this era of instantaneous media hits and twitter. Instead, we get dispatches that should be accompanied by video that aren't. We get explanations for videos that not only defy what you see, but logic. It does nothing but hurt the game when you treat your fans like they're not intelligent, and even more damaging is when you do nothing to change the perception that there might be something shady going on. We're not crazy, we know it's not rigged, but it seems like every time one of these scenarios come up, they double down and make it look even more like there's some kind of sinister Illuminati involvement. They may think that not taking the time to address these things isn't going to hurt things, but if you look at the NFL right now, who consistently followed these same practices, they are reeling as they try to figure out what to do now that things actually were rigged. And anyone familiar with basketball will tell you how damaging the refereeing scandal from years ago was to the game.

We're not asking for you to do much. All we want is for the league to stop treating it's fan base like we're all new to the nuances of the game, and for the media to stop playing softball and start asking real questions. You know, like maybe going after Bettman and the NHL as hard as they went after Phil Kessel would be an awesome start.

Don't forget Team Canada is back in action tomorrow morning at 6 am. I will be here with coffee as they take on Team France (I hear they smell of elderberries).