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A Terrific Success Story

Dickson Liong has cerebral palsy. But that's not slowing him down one bit. A great story.

Writing and reporting about the Vancouver Giants and now Canucks at The Fourth Period, Dickson Liong is a terrific success story and an example of working hard and never quitting. A true inspiration.

Check out John Tortorella acknowledging Dickson last season here.

Check out an even more in-depth CTV segment of Dickson prior to becoming a Canucks reporter here. Great stuff.

Jason Botchford said this about Liong last November:

The Vancouver Giants Kids Club reporter has started showing up to Canucks games and practices doing work for the Fourth Period.

I didn’t know much about him until the week Chris Tanev changed agents. In the Canucks first availability post switch to Meehan, Liong was the only other reporter grilling Tanev on what happened.

He put his questions on a nice broil and kept them there for a solid two or three minutes.

Tanev didn’t break. But that didn’t stop Liong. Balls of steel, this guy.

Keep up the excellent work Dickson!

His twitter account: @DLLiong