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Minnesota and Calgary both play at home tonight as they desperately try to avoid going down 3-0 in their respective series. I'd be happy, but it feels even dirtier to cheer for the teams beating them.

This pic is SCREAMING for a photoshop job...
This pic is SCREAMING for a photoshop job...
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

They're both screwed, basically. It's gonna be Anaheim and Chicago battling it out in the Conference Finals, and we can put all this Cinderella hoohah about the Flames and Wild to bed. Devan Dubnyk's playing more like Devan Dubnyk, and the Calgary Flames aren't so tough when a) some dude you won't even remember a year from now isn't running around taking cheap shots and b) they're playing a team that actually has defencemen.

I suppose if you're looking for silver linings, it's really bloody amazing that there's no Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins and their respective medias and fan bases infecting the playoff experience for everyone this year. I'm not enjoying them with the Canucks out, but at least I don't feel like I need to take a shower after watching a few minutes of a game. How about those Washington Capitals, huh? The AV fan club is starting to pipe down on Twitter (thankfully), as they're getting a far tougher battle out of the Caps than most anticipated. Starting to get that sick feeling in my stomach that happens every time a team wins their first Cup and it ain't the Canucks...

Just a reminder, there's a HUGE game at the 2015 IIHF World Championships tomorrow as Canada takes on Sweden in their biggest test of the tournament so far. And can I just say how much I have enjoyed Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro's play by play of the Canadian games? Those two are the best. We'll have our game thread up in the AM, puck drop is at 11:15 am PDT (approximately) on TSN, and it's also on TSN Radio 1410 in Vancouver.