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Sometimes, you have a moment of inspiration. Others, your alarm doesn't go off, and well... here we are.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Unlike yesterday, where there was just 1 NHL Playoff game, an impressive basketball game (I am using the words of others, I have no idea what would constitute that) and the biggest grift in the history of mankind that long awaited face-punching thing, today there's hockey all day.

First, Canada is in the 2nd period against Germany, and boy if you thought Canada looked good against the Latvians, they are showing just how much the German program is faltering right now. Claude Giroux just scored to make it 7-0. It was 4-0 after the first. And while these two wins are nice, and will help in case goal differential comes into play, the real test for Canada starts tomorrow as they take on the host Czechs and the immortal Jaromir Jagr.

Then it's Tampa and Montreal at 3, Minnesota and Chicago at 5:30, and Calgary and Anaheim at 7. Post all comments here, and hopefully you don't actually sit through all of this hockey, because it's frickin' beautiful outside.