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It's Saturday and that means it's time for Hockey Night In Canada and... *looks at the schedule and sees one game scheduled for 12:30 pm PDT* uh... what the hell, NHL?

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

New rule (with apologies to Bill Maher): Whenever the NHL does something dumb, we will post this video.

One game, and you don't even put it in the traditional HNIC slot? Lunacy. All to put 3 games on tomorrow for the American tv market *looks up at the sponsorship banner on the post* Son of a... *sighs*

Anyway, last night the Blackhawks got a 3 goal 1st period lead, their fans announced the death of Devan Dubnyk, and then watched in horror as they nearly lost the game. And in Montreal, Tampa scored in the first OT, but it was disallowed, then said screw it and scored in the 2nd OT on a goal that was so far offside even my dead heart felt sorry for the Habs for about 5 seconds. So I guess the good news is that the evening is clear to listen to the 5th and deciding game of the Utica Comets/Chicago Wolves series. Here's hoping the kids move on to the next round.