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IIHF 2015 Worlds Game Day- Canada vs Austria

Canada looks to finish the round robin a perfect 7-0 as they take on Austria this morning. I hope they win, it'll be long over when I get up.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

While they haven't been flawless, they are definitely full value for their 6-0 record so far. They've gotten some balanced scoring, overcome some  of the concerns about their defensive game, and Mike Smith and Martin Jones have been pretty decent so far. But let's not kid ourselves. We've been here before and we all know that the game after this is far more important than any of the previous ones. Fortunately, they've made things a little easier on themselves, as finishing first in Group A means they take on the fourth place team from Group B, which means it could be either Finland or Belarus.

Either way, look for the Canadian team to try and tweak some of the mistakes they've made along the way as they prepare to make a run at bringing home the Gold. Will it be the Russians, the Swedes or the underdog Americans that stand in their way? Will the home Czechs get it together in the medal round? Enjoy the game, I'm going to bed.