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IIHF 2015 Worlds Team Canada vs Switzerland Game Thread/Playoff Game Day May 10/15

Not saying I hated the 3 am start time for the game against France, but I wept with joy when I saw this game is on at the slightly less ungodly time of 11 am PDT. Canada's quest to stay unbeaten goes up against a team that's given them fits the last few years: The Swiss.

Still a douche, but go Canada go
Still a douche, but go Canada go
Martin Rose/Getty Images

Gotta give the French team credit yesterday, they certainly didn't roll over for the Canadians and were full credit for that close game. Canada on the other hand displayed that oh-so annoying trait of not putting the pedal to the floor against some of the lesser teams, and as a result made things more difficult than they needed to be.

They face a team today that over the last decade or so has really given them trouble: Switzerland. I am not sure what it is, but the Swiss really seem to be able to grind down the Canadians and force them out of their comfort zone. These games tend to be pretty boring, the Swiss will likely do what they can to bottle up the middle of the ice and neutralize Canada's speed, and then engage them after the whistles to get reaction penalties.

There's a couple games on right now: Germany is giving the host Czechs all they can handle, tied at 1 in the 2nd and the US is leading Slovenia 2-0.

We could see the number of teams left in the NHL playoffs drop to 5 tonight, as the Capitals and Ducks can clinch with wins over the Rangers and Flames respectively. Last night, the Canadiens looked like their season might be decided in OT, after a 3rd period goal from Steven Stamkos tied the game at 1. But a late goal from P.A. Paranteau sealed the deal for the Habs, sending it to a game 6 in Tampa tomorrow.