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Canucks Sign Dorsett and Sbisa To Big Bucks

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Dorsett deal is 4 years at $2.65 per season. He was making $2 million this season. He is having a career year in assists (18) and points (25). The raise was inevitable. Seems a bit high to me. Dorsett is solely a 5 on 5 guy for this team. Now he's making more than Chris Higgins ($2.5 million/per).

The Sbisa deal is a 3-year deal paying him $3.6 million per season. He is currently making $2.9 million this season. Luca is a polarizing figure on the Canucks' defence. He often makes high risk plays and turns the puck over, earning him the nickname "Pizza." Nobody is going to like his -9 stat. However, I think he's been progressing as the season has gone along. That's just my eye test.  Right after he acquired him from the Ducks in the Ryan Kesler deal, Jim Benning said to the team that he projects 25 year-old Luca to be a top 4 defenceman for the Canucks. If Luca can be that, and become more reliable defensively, then the new $3.6 million deal could prove to be a bargain. He is second on the team with blocked shots, by the way.

Luca is averaging 18:46 of ice time this season, the second-highest of his NHL career. He gets very little power play time on ice and is used in a penalty killing role.

Both guys bring a lot of physicality to the team and I like that for sure. They are 1 and 2 on the team with hits.

With both of these signings, it means that there will be change to this roster in the offseason. The Canucks will have to continue getting younger to stay under the cap with smaller contracts to go with these bigger ones.