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Video And More! Emotions Finally Boil Over In Canucks/Flames Series!

Violence! Hits! Facewashes! Fight?! Third man in? Trash talk! Ejections! Woo! I love playoff hockey!

There was a lot a physicality leading up to the late-game rampage. Michael Ferland was running guys, including Eddie Lack. The Flames were all over Lack in this one. See:

Dan Hamhuis knocked down Johnny Gaudreau (or was it Sean Monahan?) as the puck left the Canucks' zone minutes earlier, which the Flames didn't like. Out of that mini skirmish only Hammer got a penalty for interference (which the Flames capitalized on the PP to make it 3-1.) Hamhuis would again play a role in the late-game festivities of violence. Here's the footage of the melee that resulted in over 100 minutes of penalties called:

Here is the list of penalties:

Hank Sedin knows Bob Hartley and the Flames' antics:

Sbisa, who refused to drop the gloves in his skirmish, not that I really blame him, knows the Flames' antics too:

Yea, when the Canucks were up 3-0 the Flames' play sure suggested that they were defeated and then resorted to goonery, which is fine by me by the way. Ferlund's idiotic goalie interference penalty showed that he had already given up on a comeback.

None of this would surprise fired coach John Tortorella, going back to last season's room-charging tirade by the fired coach. If he was watching this one, eating sloppy joe's while his 10 dogs lapped the spilled remains from his plate off the floor, you know he has to feel some sort of redemption for charging the Lames' dressing room. And while most of you hated that tirade, can you not now see and feel a bit of the fire that Torts was feeling?

Did you like Brad Richardson beating the holy hell out of Matt Stajan? Of course you did!

Dan Hamhuis, obviously emotionally charged, let his emotions get the best of him by jumping into the Derek Dorsett-Derek Engelland scruffle. That means Hammer will likely not play Game 3 because of the third man in rule.

After Hamhuis backed off from Double D and Engelland, DD tried to goad the tired ass into a fight by doing this:

Pow! Right in the kisser!

As Jim Hughson said during the battle royal:

"Well, finally! It's Vancouver against Calgary"

Craig Simpson would have said something but he was too busy looking at Flames players' topless pics.

Even Ryan Miller and Bo Horvat were trash talking Ferland as he skated off the ice past the Canucks' bench, running his stupid mouth:

Awesome! Like I said: I love playoff hockey!

The fights weren't just happening on the ice:

Hell yea! Booze for the win!