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Canucks At Sharks Preview: Dazed And Confused

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That song is about aliens, man
That song is about aliens, man
Time 7:00 PM PST
H2H Last 5
3-2 Sharks
Last Meeting
6-2 Sharts Mar.3/15
The Enemy Fear The Fin Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 15-44-59
Pavelski: 32-28-60

36-24-4 SEASON RECORD 32-25-8
76 Points 72
6th Conference Position 10th
Lost 2
Streak Won 2
5-4-1 Last 10 Games
0.96 (21) 5 on 5
0.94 (23)
17.8 (19) Power Play %
21.5 (5)
85.9 (3) Penalty Kill %
79.6 (25)
47.8 (25) Faceoff Winning %
51.6 (8)
.759 (8)
Winning % When Scoring First
.688 (16)

First off, a graphic:

Western Conference standings

With 18 games left, this is hardly the time to be shitting away points, Canucks. All I know is that playing like you're doing this pregame:

....will only lead to this:

The San Jose Sharks' last game played was on TUESDAY. TUESDAY! A 6-2 killing of Jacob Markstrom and the Canucks. TUESDAY!? So, hopefully they all went to Mexico and did a 4-day bender and are in hangover hell with VD's. Especially you, Thornton! Well, until the next time you put on a Team Canada jersey anyway, which is never. Apparently, defenceman Matt Irwin injured himself at practice, so Scott Hannan might play in his spot.

The Canucks will be ready for this one, that I can assure you. Their trend of not showing up against shitty teams is getting old, and could prove costly, but we know the Canucks, when all cylinders are going, can beat any team in the NHL this regular season. The players apparently had a meeting yesterday and are ready to go. Big whoop. Prove it on the ice. I don't watch pre or post game interviews anymore. Just silly lip service. This team needs a balls-out effort and a win on Hockey Night in Toronto over a team that could pass them in the standings if they don't smarten up.

Can Eddie Lack repeat the performance that we saw against Phoenix Arizona? That was just sick. The Canucks were handing the chances to the Dogs on a platter but Eddie was all: "faaaaaaaack you, basterds!" Unreal. Everything needs to come together and consistency needs to be found, or this Canucks team could derail at the absolute worst time.

Drama drama drama! We got it!

Linden Vey draws back into the lineup and Ronalds Kennins sits, according to The Province. MOAR DRAMA!!!!

Projected Lines:





Speaking of Vey: HOLY HANNAH!


Just kidding. Re-Lack(s). We're gonna be fine! Right?

There's this guy on Fear The Fin who does statistics on individual games. Check out his work from the last Canucks-Sharks game. Well done, Jake Barrow! Wow. I can't remember the last time I had that much free time on my hands. Oh right, BEFORE I STARTED HAVING KIDS.


HERE. Tough to get points this year. The scores are all over the place. I'm thinking about changing the rules. More on that later.


How awesome is the movie Dazed And Confused? It's in my top 10 of all time. I can just get lost in that film, and I haven't smoked pot for a long long time.