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GAME DAY: Canucks @ Blues

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4 games in 6 days, all against teams either locked into playoff spots, or wild cards (in the case of Winnipeg). 3 games in a row against the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams in the West. It's taken all season, but now we get to see what this team is truly made of.

Ben Nelms/Getty Images

Time 5:00 PM PST
TV Sportsnet Pacific
H2H Last 5
2-0 Canucks
Last Meeting
6-5 (SO) Canucks Mar 1/15
The Enemy St Louis Game Time coring Leaders H. Sedin: 16-51-67
Tarasenko 36-35-71

Listen carefully to me: Throw Saturday's game out the window. Seriously. There's something going on with the way the Dallas Stars play this team, and the time to fret and try to make sense of it isn't now. Seguin & Benn can go play for Team Canada at the Worlds, and the Canucks can take care of them next year. Right now, this team needs to rattle off some wins.

On the surface, this looks like a pretty daunting task. While the Canucks have lost both games to Nashville this season, they're a combined 4-0 against the Blackhawks and Blues. Splitting this road trip has to be the absolute low bar here. If the Canucks are going to lose any of these games, it better be in OT. Fortunately, there are some reasons to be hopeful here.

The Canucks are the 3rd best road team in the West, and have done well this season in grinding out games in other teams' buildings, and have already won games in St Louis and Chicago this year. The chances of them winning in Nashville on the back end of a back to back? Slim to freakin' none, honestly. And it remains to be seen where Jacob Markstrom fits in to all this. He'll have to start one of these two games. I say play him against Nashville, and give Eddie Lack tonight's game against the Blues. No other changes for the Canucks tonight, and the Blues will be without Alex Steen.


1 Drink- Because it's almost playoff time and it's killin' me

1 Drink- If neanderthal Blues F Ryan Reaves starts running around knowing Kassian isn't there to keep him honest*

2 Drinks- If Chicago beats the Kings in regulation tonight

2 Drinks- And here's to an OT loss for the Flames

3 Drinks- For another game without Big Kass...

3 Drinks- As punishment for being so late with the preview

* keeping in mind that it's honest for a Blues player...