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GAME DAY: Canucks vs Stars- Make Up Your Damn Minds Already

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Well, it's put up or shutup time. The West has been stupidly close all year, but the Canucks continue to frustrate the hell out of us all by showing up against the big boys of this league, then turning around and stinking up the joint against basement dwellers. So where's Dallas in the standings? Yeah, this'll end well.

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports
Time 7:00 PM PST
H2H Last 5
2-0 Stars
Last Meeting
2-0 Dallas Dec 17/14
The Enemy Mile High Hockey coring Leaders H. Sedin: 17-49-66
Benn 27-44-71
43-27-4 SEASON RECORD 36-29-10
90 Points 82
2nd Division Position 6th
Lost 1 Streak Lost 1
2.81 (12)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
3.04 (2)
2.66 (19)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
3.16 (26)
18.1 (17) Power Play % 18.3 (16)
85.1 (5) Penalty Kill % 80.8 (19)
47.2 (28) Faceoff Win % 51.5 (11)
10.9 PIM / GP 9.8
48.9 (22) Corsi For % 51.5 (12)
100.5 (13) PDO 99.1 (24)

After that awesome come from behind win, it really looked like the Canucks were rolling, and at the absolute best possible time. 3 wins in a row, two of them against teams in the hunt for playoff spots in the West. They're getting healthy and it made you think that perhaps this team was going to be on a roll as they marched into the first round of the playoffs. And then, they did it to us again.

Another game where they looked like they were already out of it. Another game where a team came in, off a bad loss and tired and skated circles around the Canucks. Why does this happen? And why is it happening to these bad teams? And most importantly, who told Patrick Roy to grow a beard? It makes his face even more of a fist magnet, know what I mean?

I guess some of it can be attributed to them having little to get fired up for. No longer the bitter divisional rival, the Avs are just another Western team that the Canucks shouldn't be losing points to. And because we can't seem to get any of the teams in the East to do what they should for the good of the game and beat the damn Kings, it's looking more and more like we'll have to face them in the first round, now that Calgary's showing signs of, well..

Thankfully, the Canucks do have some motivation for tonight.


We all waited for an apology, and while his partner in crime owned up and acted like an adult, offering an apology for his childish behaviour, we never heard anything remotely close to it from Seguin. So that leaves the only other means to make amends: Pound the Stars into dust tonight, and make Seguin's evening utterly miserable. Nothing over the line, just hit this obnoxious prick every chance you get. Make him pay every time he has the puck. And most of all, give him and Benn absolutely nothing tonight. You know what's really odd as shit? Being so immature that the Boston Bruins want nothing to do with you.

The Canucks have struggled against this Dallas team, losing 7 of their last 8 against the Stars. They want to ensure that they don't drop out of the playoffs altogether, let alone out of home ice in the first round, so they need to get back on track with a win tonight. The Stars come into tonight in pretty much the same situation as the Canucks, strangely enough. Winners of 4 in a row, they went into Edmonton and got shutout by the lowly Oilers, with former Stars G Richard Bachmann getting the 4-0 shutout.

The Stars could go with Jhonas Enroth tonight, as Kari Lehtonen was in for the loss to Edmonton last night. Eddie Lack will start once again for the Canucks. By the time the 1st period is done, we should know if the Kings win or lose against Minnesota (that win by the Wild would push them into 3rd in the Central and drop the Blackhawks to a wild card spot. Yes, you read that right. Ponder the Hawks missing the post season for a moment...

Mind you, if the Kings falter (and that can still happen)...

Anyway, the keys to this game are simple:

1- Show up.

2- Play hockey.

3- Make Seguin look bad BY WINNING THE GAME, then maybe getting someone to slap him around a bit.


AVERSION is another of those forgotten 80's crossover bands that likely should have been bigger than they were. Speedy thrash riffs, lots of double bass, definitely mosh-inducing thrash here.


1 Drink- For every 100 trash comments about the Sedins from Dallas fans today...

1 Drink- For every excuse HNIC tries to make for them not making the playoffs this year

2 Drinks- For our old buddy AV for first laying down for the Kings and now the Bruins. Gross.

2 Drinks- For all the glossing over HNIC will do to protect Seguin's image tonight.

3 Drinks- For another game without Big Kass...

3 Drinks- In honour of this #OddAsShit moment