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Canucks Goal Of The Season, Round 1 Part 2

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Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

OK, I have watched every Canucks' goal scored this season and have narrowed it down to 34 different goals. I have  to narrow it down further. Yes, there are 8 games remaining in the season and I will open a few slots when a magnificent goal happens in those remaining games. It's a 32-goal tournament, so...I have to wittle down some of the goals and already have.

To be honest, there have not been all that many goals that have taken my breath away this season. Maybe 5 or 6. But my taste is different than yours.

Why am I doing this tournament so early? Because after the season and hopefully the playoffs most fans disappear to do more creative things. I have it all planned out, including posting a spreadsheet of the tournament bracket. Not yet though. Soon. In the meantime I have all the goals numbered and am pulling them out of a box to create the match-ups. Let's carry on with some sweet goals, shall we?

Bracket 2

Vrbata, with help from the Sedins, makes it 1-0 vs the Oilers (October 17):

Richardson tucks one under the bar against the Hurricanes on October 28:

Bracket 3

Matthias starts showing us his power forward side with this beauty goal against the Sens:

Tanev buries the Flames in overtime with this wrister:

That was a big goal for Tanev...was it delicious? Yes. I loved the placement of the shot, the pass to the late defenceman, and the Flames goalie's reaction. Lots at stake there, otherwise it would not have made that cut.

Bracket 4

Burrows scores a tip-in goal after a beauty hard pass by Bieksa against the Devils on November 25:

Corrado scores his first and only goal of the season by crashing the net with Burrows against the Lightning on January 20:

That is one of the best crash-the-net goals of the season for sure. Love seeing Bishop flop like that.

Ok, so let your voice be heard on brackets' 2-4 in the comment section, because SBN doesn't give me the ability to make multiple fucking polls in a post.

Previous Winner:

Kassian, October 8
Vrbata, October 11
Vrbata, October 11
Vrbata, October 17
Richardson, October 28
Matthias, November 11
Tanev, December 20
Burrows, November 25
Corrado, January 20
Hank Sedin, October 8
Matthias, February 13
Hansen Goal 1, November 23
Vrbata, February 13
Vey, October 23
Horvat, March 7
Bonino, October 26
Bonino, March 21
Dank Sedin, October 30
Matthias, January 16
Bonino, October 30
Hank Sedin Goal 2, March 3
Hansen Goal 2, November 23
Hank Sedin, November 28
Bonino, January 15
Vey, February 11
Bonino, November 4
Higgins, March 5
Horvat, February 22
Dank Sedin, December 2
Richardson Goal 2, December 4
Vrbata, December 7