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Canucks' Goal Of The Year Phase 1

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Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I saw Budweiser doing some thang about Canucks' goal of the year and decided to copycat them because surely they are not gonna get the same result as what I would do. Plus, I don't even like their top candidates so far. So here we go!  I'm gonna start from game 1 of the 2014-15 regular season and watch all of the game review highlights from this season and you the fan can vote for your fave goal. I'm shooting for style points here, more than meaningful goals (game-winners for example.) A poll will be posted. After 3 days MAX I will take the result of the poll, pit that poll's winner against another Canucks goal...etc etc.

Ready? Let's go to round 1. The winner will get posted against another beauty goal this season and we shall find the Canucks' beauty goal of the year in the process.

There's this Kassian tap in goal (sweet Jesus that happened fast) Vey to Richardson to Kassian on October 8 vs Calgary:

Then we have Vrbata cashing in on Sedinery:

What's YOUR pick of these 2 goals?