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It's For The Kids - Canucks vs Jets Gamethread

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Canucks host the Jets on CFKF Telethon night, and every comment is wanted!

The rookies appreciate your support for the CFKF!
The rookies appreciate your support for the CFKF!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Game Time: 7:00pm PDT
Where To Watch: Sportsnet
The Canucks are finding a way to roll through the end of the season, and will look to continue that tonight against the Jets.
Also, tonight is the annual Canucks For Kids Fun Telethon night. We at Nucks Misconduct have an annual tradition for this night each year, and gmonk has graciously put their wallet on the line for us. Here's how it works: for every comment on this gamethread (and any overflow threads we may need to post), $0.05 will be donated. Please feel free to match it, or make your own donation, either online at or by calling 1-85-KIDSFUND (1-855-437-3863).
Coconuts and comments go!