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Chris Tanev is our lord and savior

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The rather important blueliner has signed a new five year extension.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Via the Mothership:

Vancouver Canucks General Manager Jim Benning announced today that the Canucks have signed defenceman Chris Tanev to a five-year contract extension that will run through the end of the 2020.21 NHL season.

"Chris has developed into an excellent NHL defenceman and is an extremely important part of our team," said Vancouver Canucks General Manager, Jim Benning. "He’s a player you want on the ice in the most critical points of a game and we’re excited about having him with our group as we continue to play to win today, with an eye to the future."

By the numbers:

If true, that would put Tanev's cap hit in a similar camp with Bieksa and Edler.

Kuzma summed it up in 140 characters nicely:

We've said it for a long time, but Tanev is not just the type of player you build around but definitely one that can help you enjoy a longer than expected springtime of playoff hockey. Courtesy of War on Ice, this is why Tanev is worth being a Canuck for life, a trend that continues from his rock steady play last season.

Tanev stats

Happy days friends, happy days indeed.