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Report: Canucks' Ryan Miller Not Expected to Return for NHL Playoffs

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Canucks starting goaltender will not start skating for another three weeks.

Ryan Miller was expected to be out 4-6 weeks
Ryan Miller was expected to be out 4-6 weeks
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

According to TSN's Farhan Lalji, Ryan Miller will not start skating for at least three more weeks and is not expected to be back in time for the playoffs.

The goaltender who was singed to a three-year contract in July was expected to be the starter this season. He suffered an knee injury on February 22, and has not played since.

Eddie Lack has posted a .934 sv% and a 2.2GAA since Miller went down.

Lack's impressive performance has led some to believe that he will continue to be the starter when Miller returns, barring a complete regression. Come playoff time (if the Canucks qualify) the team cannot afford the rust Miller will presumably have after over a month of not playing.

Lack is playing in front of Jacob Markstrom who, despite his horrible game agaisnt the San Jose Sharks, has had a terrific season in the AHL, and gives the Canucks a reliable backup.

Miller's six million dollar salary will have influence on who starts in the playoffs. Management and ownership don't want such an expensive contract sitting on the bench.

That being said, Lack has arguably outperformed Miller this season and some say he has earned the starter's role regardless of Miller's health.

If the Canucks are not eliminated upon Miller's return, it will be interesting to see who starts when he is healthy.