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GAME DAY: Canucks vs Leafs

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They should be insured a sellout thanks to the paperbag-wearin' legion of fans that will invade Rogers Arena as Her Majesty's 67th Tank Battalion take on the Canucks tonight.

Rich Lam/Getty Images
Time 4:00 PM PST
H2H Last 5
1-0 Leafs
Last Meeting
5-2 Leafs Dec 6/14
The Enemy Pension Plan Puppets Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 15-45-60
Kessel: 23-29-52
38-25-4 SEASON RECORD 27-35-6
80 Points 60
6th Conference Position 14th
Lost 1
Streak Won 1
2.76 (15)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
2.64 (20)
2.70 (21)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
3.12 (25)
17.6 (22) Power Play % 17.6 (21)
85.5 (4) Penalty Kill % 81.0 (17)
47.6 (26) Faceoff Win % 48.1 (24)
10.5 (20) PIM / GP 9.7 (12)
49.0 (22) Corsi For % 46.9 (27)
100.3 (15) PDO 99.6 (21)

After dispatching Anaheim and San Jose in regulation, hopes were in Canucks Nation that they could rattle off a 3rd straight win against hockey's version of the Axis of Evil and win against the LA Kings Thursday night. Instead, what we got is another night of the Canucks playing like they were in awe. Instead of controlling their own destiny, they handed a piece of it to the smarmy Tinseltown bastards in a sad loss that highlighted the issues that still plague this team. But just when things were looking bleak, 4 Horsemen appear in the distance, riding in to save the... oh, hell... it's just Bieksa.

Then again, considering some of the defensive abominations we've been forced to endure, perhaps Casual Kev and Yannick Weber will be just what they need. It still won't see Luca Sbisa scuttled to the press box though, as he was practicing with Juice, and Weber was paired with Dan Hamhuis. The other good news (and this is actually good) is the return of Brad Richardson and Chris Higgins. The issue now is who gets sent to press row. Common sense would look at that game against LA and tell you candidate #1 would be Linden Vey. He was so bad it made you question if he was in fact a sleeper agent for his former team. With Alex Burrows possibly out tonight, that might allow them to do just that AND keep Ronalds Kenins in, but that might be too much to hope for. Expect an explosion of rage if this sees Bo Horvat sit.

The Leafs were in full-on tank mode after a 6-3 loss in Calgary last night, thanks in huge part to giving up 2 short-handed goals during a 5 minute 1st period power play. Jonathan Bernier will get the start for the Leafs, who have lost 6 straight at Rogers Arena. Eddie Lack will be looking to rebound after an uncharacteristicly poor game against the Kings. Nazim Kadri returns to the Leafs lineup after his team-imposed benching for Kane-ing, and we will enjoy a moving pre-game tribute to Canucks legend David Booth, returning to Vancouver for the first time since joining the Leafs. Booth is on a tear right now, with 2 goals last night and 5 in his last 5 games. Obviously this means he'll suffer some type of freak injury tonight.


New one for you from Finland's folk metal kings Korpiklaani. 'Lempo' is taken from their upcoming album NOITA, available on Nuclear Blast Records.

    mpromptu Drinking Games Rules


    - 1 Drink: For every 100 tweets from Leafs fans that contain the words 'Hughson'  'Canucks' and 'homer'

    - 1 Drink: For every smarmy, unnecessary potshot from Craig Simpson

    - 2 Drinks: If the Leafs get another free headshot tonight

    - 2 Drinks: Did you know David Booth used to be a Canuck?

    - 3 Drinks: Someone on the panel's gonna go full Milbury about the Sedins tonight, I can feel it...

    - 3 drinks: Because you will need them to deal with a) the Go Leafs Go chants and b) Zandberg the traitor and his pro-Leaf comments all game.

    **BONUS DRINK** If Burrows beats the hell outta Phil Kessel. Again.

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