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Canucks At Sabres Preview: The Downward Spiral (Tanking Is BS)

Time 4:00 PM PST
TV Sportsnet Pacific
Season Series 1-0 Canucks
Last Meeting
5-2 Canucks, Jan.30/15
The Enemy Tank By The Blade Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 12-43-55
Ennis: 15-18-33

BAH! Fuck the other stats I usually post. The Canucks are improving game by game in most aspects (except faceoffs!!!! OMG!!! We're doomed!!!!!!!) and doing so with a rash of injuries. The Sabres are last in the NHL, 4 points worse than the Oilers and 6 points behind Arizona. Those 3 teams are in the race for, as many say, tanking for Connor McDavid. I'm not even gonna honor that with a damned twitter shitter hashtag.

Both the Oilers and Sabres are almost .500 in their last 10 games but Arizona has lost 7 in a row. So watch out, you bottom-feeding fools! The Coyotes are sinking to your level!

Tanking. One of the writers at SBN's DBTB writes about it here.

Is it really OK when management and the players have played themselves into a no-playoff situation to just give up, either by shitty play or management trading away top players and replacing them with draft picks, thus further killing the team's chance to win?

Sportsnet's Steve Dangle recently talked about how tanking "rules":

Nick Kypreos did not agree, calling tanking "disgraceful":

Dangle is right in that the current NHL system increases the odds of the shittiest team getting the best chance of getting the top pick so teams should tank away and go for the top pick to rebuild around a future star. But I think Kypreos' idea is gold, that the NHL needs to change the rules on the matter. No, losing should not be ok. Reward the sucky teams' chances of getting the top pick with the best record after the trade deadline. No rewards for "losing." I don't give a shit if you hate Kypreos. He makes a valid point. Screw the parity thang. If GM's want to be retarded and make stupid decisions in their tenure that's their damned fault. So I say go with what Kypper is suggesting, even though Gary Bettman will never go for it because he loves the parity in the NHL.


Should Kassian be left on the top line with the Sedins even if Burrows returns? Stay tuned!


Here are the highlights of the Canucks killing the Sabres on January 30:

The title of this game preview has been brought to you by one of the best albums of all time, by Nine Inch Nails: