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Drunk Zamboni Driver Gets DUI In Fargo

The Seahawks lose. The Canucks lose. How about a funny news story? Via Sportsnet:

A zamboni driver in Fargo, North Dakota was arrested Friday night for driving the ice resurfacing machine while allegedly drunk.

Steve Anderson, 27, a seasonal worker for the Fargo Park District, was reportedly driving "erratically" and hit the boards while cleaning the ice prior to a high school girls hockey game between Davies and Williston. Police were called to the scene and arrested Anderson.

"I’ve been here for 22 years … and we have not had an incident like this before," said Jim Larson, a director with the Fargo Park District.

The girls hockey game went on, but according to, the teams decided to play on "rough" ice rather than wait for a replacement zamboni driver.

Too funny. It's true, you don't hear of that happening too often. The only time I ever "saw" a drunken zamboni driver was in the movie Mystery, Alaska. You have seen that flick right? Yes, it kicked ass.

Anyway, this is probably the "coolest" thing to happen in Fargo since.....

I'm kidding of course.

Speaking of funny (I'm so cruel, I know) but it's a good thing Cody Hodgson wasn't carrying a knife for this interview:

Oh my...