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Benning: We Can Resolve (3 Goalie Situation) At The Draft

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Canucks' GM told TSN1040  on Thursday:

"Yeah, that’s something that we can go into the draft. We can resolve that at the draft. The problem in-season is usually everybody is happy with the goalies they have. Going into the draft they start thinking about who their goalies are going to be next year. So there might be more of a market for goalies at the draft than there is in-season.

"So we’ll just continue to monitor it and if something happens during the season we’ll look at it, but that probably will happen before the draft."

I wonder then what impact this has on a package deal at trade deadline day. We can probably exclude a goaltender from a package deal in a few weeks then. However....if a goalie wrecks his groin...