Riding Shotgun With The Sedins


Sportnset's Naoko Asano caught up with several current and past linemates of Henrik and Daniel Sedin (Naslund, King, Dalpe, Linden, Klatt and more) asking them several questions about the Twins, like what they were/are like as teammates on and off the ice and much more. No Anson Carter though. Bummer. He must be off making rap records with all that money the Sedins made him. Here is a sample then click on that link. It's a beauty read! LINDEN: Playing with those guys, you are the third brother. JENSEN: I never felt uncomfortable when I played with them. They really make you feel part of everything. As soon as you get lucky enough to play with them, they right away take you aside to go over stuff with you and make you feel part of that line. DALPE: I didn’t feel like a third wheel. I was just like, Don’t mess this up. [Laughs.] KLATT: I loved playing with them. They’re obviously way better than I ever was, but we were all very similar in the way that we played. Our games matched very well. KING: When I scored my first NHL goal, they were the guys who went and got the puck. RYAN KESLER (2003–14): Some of the funnest hockey I played in my life.