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Canucks 5 Sabres 2: Beep! Beep! It's Verby!

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Nice little appreciation for the West Coast Express boys prior to the game:

It didn't look like it was gonna go so well for the boys at the start of this game. They appeared slow. They were being outhustled by the Sabres. They were committing turnover crimes again and again and again. They gave up the first goal (Brian Gionta scored almost 7 minutes in). You got that sinking feeling...should that goal have counted? Wasn't his stick above the crossbar when it made contact with the puck. Folks, Gionta hails from the Shire. He'd need a step ladder to contact the puck above the crossbar. Anyway, my point is that...oh yea the sinking feeling that the Canucks were playing shitty enough that they could lose yet another game.

But about 1:20 later, one of our scorned scorers came to life. Radim The Dream Vrbata actually bulged the twine. The twine inside the goal. As in, it actually crossed the goal line and hit twine. Radim Vrbata, a guy that had scored less recently than Coach ever did in high school. (Just kidding Coach.) From there I'd say Ryan O'Reilly summed it up pretty well post game:

"We came out with good jump, we were executing and I think we caught them a bit off guard and then once that (too many men) penalty happened we sat back and deviated from our game plan and didn't know what to do with their speed and it killed us," O'Reilly said. "The power play gives their good players time and they are going to find their confidence and start to make plays and they gained so much momentum off that."

It was a thing of beauty. When the Canucks slowed once in a while, Ryan Miller bailed them out. Here are the highlights:

So many solid performances from Canucks players like the Sedins, Hamhuis, Biega, Prust, Dorsett, Cracknell, Hutton and you know, the Vrbata hat was great to see some spread out scoring for once. The floodgates opened. Two players in particular, Horvat and Baertschi showed some flair....but that was about it, which was a disappointment for me. Hope to see Bo get going soon.


I could get into that interference call that was NOT called on Burrows' mini-breakaway, but I'll let you do that.

What's this? A smiling and laughing Vrbata post game? No way!