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Sutter Out 4-6 Weeks; Canucks Recall Keninssss + More

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Brandon Sutter will be out of action for 4-6 weeks as a result of sports hernia surgery. That really sucks, as he was a second line center staple and poor Bo Horvat is not quite filling Sutter's shoes.

Defenceman Andrey Pedan, who only played 1 game with the Canucks since being called up recently has been sent back down to the minors and the Canucks announced that they have recalled RW Ronalds Kenins from Utica. Kenins showed flashes of brilliance in the 30 games he played with the Canucks last season, scoring 4 goals and 12 points. He only has 1 assist in 7 games with Utica this season, after returning to action from an injury that caused him to miss 12 games. We have seen what Kenins can bring: solid shot, grit....... so let's hope he can bring that in the bigs again....on somewhat more of a consistent basis.

Check out Kenins' quick release for his first NHL goal:

-Jake Virtanen, who was crosschecked in the ribs/hip/whatever by one shitbag Ryan Getzlaf, is said to be day to day, according to coach Willie D. Here was the play where he was injured:

Jim Benning was not pleased with the loss to the Ducks or the response from the team after the Ducks beat the piss out of the Orcas:

"That Anaheim game was the most disappointing loss for me since I’ve been here," Benning said Wednesday as the Canucks announced Sutter will miss another four to six weeks. "We’ve lost games before, but no matter what, we worked hard as a team and we stuck up for one another. I don’t know what happened in that Anaheim game, but … we didn’t work and compete.

"I just felt that there were instances in that game where last year we (would have) stuck up for one another; when someone was picking on one of our guys … it was a pack mentality and as a team we stuck up for each other. For whatever reason, we didn’t stick up for each other that game. That was really disappointing for me to see that."

I would have liked to see more pushback from our team as a group."

This was quoted from the Vancouver Sun. Many Canucks fans felt the exact same way after watching the Quacks physically destroy the Canucks team.
I guess this is why I like the Kenins recall. He has style and finesse yet he has aggression. Cool! Bring it on!
At the same time...what "pushback" was Benning expecting? This team is full of non-pushback players. We look to Dorsett or Prust to be those guys. So.....what happened? Unless you put either of those 2 on the same line as Sutter, or maybe they f*** up a Duck player somewhere after the fact on a different the hell do players stick up for one another in today's NHL? Make Getzlaf drop the gloves? Nope, he'll cower and the Canucks will be shorthanded. Hit Getzlaf into oblivion and shit-talk him? Are you serious?
I'm not quite sure where Benning was going with that comment. If he was rolling like it was 1985 then I'd totally agree with that. In 1985 (prior and later) if somebody crosschecked a kid like Virtanen there would be a cop on the team/line that would threaten to end Getzlaf to his face if he did that again.
Well, those days are over and the peanut gallery got their way. So I don't quite get where JB was going with his comments. more goals???
This Canucks team is soft, folks. Since we have the instigator rules in play now there is only one choice as far as team-building goes: BUILD THE DOUCHIEST TEAM POSSIBLE! End of story. You need 3 Ryan Kesler or Brad Marchands on your team to win. You really do, given the current rules in place. So Jim...bring in more douchebag /shit-disturbing players. No, Radim Vrbata is not one of them.