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Who leads the way 5 on 5 for the Canucks?

Canucks 5 on 5 numbers.....not great.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hi folks,

Welcome to another edition of judgement of play with endless discussion of why I’m wrong. I actually enjoy this. And looking these stats will lead to discussion even within my own voices as my eye test versus these numbers don’t always coincide. I chose the 5 on 5 numbers this time as the measurement as most of the game is played at even strength and the Canucks special teams are so fucked up in terms of their quality, (good PP…bad PK) that using the all situations number would skew some players more than others.

So here the refresher for the Corsi Conversion Rate I use.




Here are the Canucks numbers after 29 games. I cut out some of the players that had limited minutes.


Even strength play has been a weak point for the Nucks this year. (47 GF 48 GA) And we can definitely see how bad some of the players CA/60 are, but when you go back see some of the games again we can see some of the reasons for those high numbers. The four line is a good example. Their CA/60 numbers are high, but the GA/60 are in the middle when you look at the line as a whole. (Cracknell is super low and Dorsett is above 2.00) The fourth line gets its chances in most games to score but does also allow a lot of opportunities. They have done a good job of keeping shots to the outside and keeping the middle of the ice clear for the goalie to see shots coming through.

Bo Horvat is the whipping boy for this team. Talk about on the job training and learning to play defense against the best lines most nights. Steep learning curve which show in his numbers. Sutter’s injury has been a mixed blessing, as Horvat gets to play against better players, but it has hurt his confidence offensively.

Ben Hutton is playing tricks on the eyes. The eye test keeps telling me that while he makes a mistake now and then, he is playing pretty well. The numbers may be a little more truthful. He is on the ice for quite a few goals and he plays a lot of time with the second and third line forwards, not the Sedins.

How about Jannik Hansen Corsii numbers 5vs5? Shocking!

Sit there…look at all this numbers. I think with Hamhuis out for an extended period, the defensive core will undergo some pairing shifts that will lead to Tanev/Edler being separated and their numbers changing for the worse.

I look forward to the being told my stat sucks.