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Canucks get to overtime...and lose to the Devils 4-3

The Canucks came back from two goals down only to take a penalty and lose in O/T.

Adam Hunger/Getty Images

The Canucks came into New Jersey with their tail between their legs after the debacle of losing in the last 30 seconds in Buffalo. Miller was pissed at his defense…and rightly so. He’s noticed the third periods about two weeks after the armchair coaches noticed it on NM. Cory Schneider gets the afternoon off and it’s kinda a slap in the face. We’re not worthy to face one of the “best” goalies in the league, just because we lost to Buffalo. No Chris Tanev, no worries right? Alex Biega comes in to play with Edler.

1st period

The fourth line consists of Higgins, McCann and Dorsett. And they cause early problems in the Devils end, which leads to Higgins scoring goal number 2 of the year for him.

McCann’s speed causes the Devils more problems he gets pulled down and draws a penalty

….and the Canucks should have declined the penalty as Adam Henrique scores after an Edler fuck up. I sometimes think there are too many Swedes making fancy passes on the PP.

I leave these words here for ktownfan

The rest of the first period was moving along and then the Canucks found a way to trap four of them in the zone which lead to another Devils two on one, which featured two former Flames. Stempniak broke out with Cammellari, who scored on Miller.

The Canucks thought they had answered quickly as Virtanen wrapped a puck into the net from behind, but the goal was disallowed as Burrows was in the creases and stopped Kinkaid from coming across.

After that non-goal, and another goal post from the Devils shorthanded, I turtled up in a corner with my tinfoil hat on and gave up on everything hockey. Actually I got up and went and cooked dinner. I returned later to watch the game on gamecenter and finish this recap.

2nd Period

Nothing of interest really happened in the first ten minutes of the second period, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say that Ryan Miller has kept the Canucks in this game. How many many times can this guy stand on his head and not be frustrated by the defense in front of him. Hell, look at tonight at the two goals scored against him. 2 on 1’s because of shit decisions of the pinching defense. Get you act together Vancouver defensemen. I miss you Sbisa.

Now look at everything I said above. I stand by what I said about the defense and now back pedal on Miller as he lets in a softie after Hutton gets beat.

The Canucks answer just over a minute later as Edler flicks a little wrister towards the net and fools Kinkaid.

And things got chippy as Jordan Tootoo stepped out on to the ice for a shift and went straight over to Burrows. Dorsett must have sensed some Tom Foolery a foot as he skated over to Tootoo and drops the gloves.

The Canucks must have gained a little momentum from Dorsett just being the stand up guy he is and soon after tied the game on a Sven goal….I know!

The Devils channeled their inner Scott Stevens and tried to gain control of momentum by having a grown man fight a rookie. Mr Prust said it best….

3rd period

I missed the third. I had homemade Greek chicken, baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Stupid weekend game times.

It seems I didn’t miss much except an attempted decapitation.

I didn’t think Larsson was that type of player. What do I know?

Over time

I got back in time to see to a terrible decision by a defenseman that led to a penalty in overtime which led to another lose by the Canucks. Thanks Hamhuis.

I would have thought the Nucks would have won these two games, but instead only get one point. See you Tuesday as the Nucks take on Columbus.