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Higgins Ready To Return So....Who's Out? (You Know Who)

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

From Sportsnet's Irfaan Gafar:

Chris Higgins is a valuable yet streaky forward who can play top or bottom 6 minutes for this team. With Jake Virtanen and Jared McCann playing the way they have been, plus making the team officially after their 9-game NHL stint this can only mean that one player gets the boot: Sven Baertschi. Oh the enigmatic Baertschi. 4 assists in 10 games played this season. A +2. 11:00 average icetime per game...only Gaunce and Virtanen have less. But those 2 are wee kids. Sven is 23 years old. He has been given chance after chance to prove himself.

The Province's White Towel article gave these quotes from Willie Desjardins about Sven after the win over the Flyers:

"I believe if he gets comfortable and just feels good I think he’s going to start playing that way (like a guy with high end skill)," Willie said.

"I think right now, (sigh) he’s just not in the groove."

"He’s played good defensively," the coach said. "He’s not hurting us defensively. That was the thing we were worried about.

"So, he’s doing a good job on that side of the puck. Hopefully, the other side will break free for him."

Sven has 12 shots and no goals so far. You can see in his advanced stats that his shots against and shots for mostly even agree with what Willie D says.

Another ding on Sven is his 2 hits on the season so far. Lowest on the team. We don't need more soft players on this team. Hell, if he scored more, this might be overlooked but Sven is not making a good case for himself. From an eye-test perspective...I would agree that he is just not what this team needs right now, unless he finds his offensive game. And even if he finds his offence...we don't need smaller-lack-of-physical players on the team. Higgins brings this to the table. So I guess it's fair to say that Baertschi's time with the Canucks may soon be over.

Adam Cracknell is another player that I have not mentioned as being on the chopping block. But call me crazy, I sure have appreciated what my own eye test has seen of Cracknell over Sven. He easily brings more physicality to a team that surely lacks it (19 hits to Sven's 2). It's all about fitting in and I think Cracker fits into this squad far more than Sven does. Sorry Sven.

Keep in mind that the Calgary Flames drafted Sven in the 1st round in 2011 and Jim Benning acquired him from the Flames for a 2nd round pick in 2015. There is some investment there.

Sven will have to clear waivers if he is sent down to Utica. Probably no takers there.

Having said what I have said, I do invite you to check out Pass It To Bulis' post about Sven. It's mostly contrary to what I'm saying but that's ok. Even so....are you willing to shitkick Adam Cracknell out of here over Baertschi?

Let's go to the polls!!!!