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Canucks beat the Flyers 4-1

Behind goals from Horvat and Virtanen, the Canucks actually hold a lead at home and beat Philly 4-1.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks came back home from a short road trip to begin a another short homestand against the teams from Pennsylvania before heading out on a 2 week roadtrip. The Flyers had just come off losing 3 games in a row and they are really struggling to score goals this year. Jakub Voracek had not scored a goal this year and defensemen Mark Streit led the Flyers with 7 points. The Canucks were coming off a 4-3 win in Arizona.

Dan Hamhuis was back on the blue line for the Canucks and Luca Sbisa was put on IR after suffering an injury in Arizona. I'll just start out by saying that the blueline was a shit show for most the first two periods. (Looking at you Bart....Giroux got by you easier than beach balls got through Dan Cloutier) Yannik After all the bitching and moaning about getting ice time for that booming shot, what did we get? Bupkiss so far. And it's not the fact that he only has 1 point so far, it's the fact he looks lost in the defensive end and can't get the puck out.This will next statement will get me hate mail, but I don't care........I am like John Garrett, I too miss Luca Sbisa.

After starting out with a 7-1 shot advantage, the Canucks decided that defense was way more fun and the momentum shifted to a painful to watch 17-4 shot advantage for the Flyers. In the end the Canucks were able to right the ship and shots ended up 34-28 in Van's favor.

I was happy to see that Bo Horvat reads NM and took the abuse I was giving him to heart. His 2 point, GWG performance was the Bo I wanted to see this year. Jannik Hansen also decided to show up and scored his first goal since  opening night. Jake Virtanen got his first goal on a great individual effort. You knew it was coming soon, as he has had some good chances and has capitalized on creating turnovers in his own end and using his speed to get shots off. Virtanen and Burrows together is good.

Hey Ryan Miller, you hear the critics? Me neither. Another great game and an assist to boot. Rub that in Daniel Sedin's face. 2.06 GAA and .927 sv pct. Nice. And I do have to give credit to the Canucks D and forwards as the Flyers got some good shots off, but there were not a lot of rebounds.

This will be a short write up as......well.......I decided to do it as no one else had. And I better get back to work.

Canucks play Wednesday against all-star Nick Bonino........wait, you mean he's not? But he's with all those superstars so I thought that shit was contagious. Nevermind