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Canucks Stats After 24-Game Mark

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a closer look at who the Canucks' stat leaders are after 24 games so far.


Western Conference Position: 9-8-7, 15 points, 9th in the west

Wins: 9 (25th in the NHL)

OT Losses: 7. Most in the NHL.

Goals For: 69 (2nd in West)

Goals Against: 65 (8th in West)

Home Record: 3-4-3 (12th)

Road Record: 6-4-4 (4th)

Powerplay Efficiency: 20.4% (4th)

Penalty Kill Efficiency: 77.6% kill rate (12th)

Faceoff Win Percentage: 47.7% (14th)

Hits: 417 (13th). Ballet on skates.

Blocked Shots: 326 (9th)

Missed Shots: 285 (6th-most in West)

Giveaways: 203 (7th most in West)

Takeaways: 132 (9th-most in West)

Shooting Percentage: 9.2 (8th)

Minor Penalties Taken: 88 (6th)


Goals: D Sedin: 8, H. Sedin: 8, Hansen: 7. Remember when McCann was leading this category?

Assists: D. Sedin: 16, H. Sedin: 15, Edler: 9

Points: D. Sedin: 27, H. Sedin: 23, Hansen: 15

Even-Strength Points: D. Sedin: 16, Hansen: 15, H. Sedin: 13

Power Play Points: D. Sedin: 10, H. Sedin: 9, Vrbata: 7

Best +/-: Hansen: 11, H. Sedin, Tanev, Hamhuis: 7, D. Sedin: 6

Worst +/-: Vrbata: -11, Horvat: -9, Hutton, Weber, -6

Home +/-: Hansen: 5, Hank, Hamhuis, Bartkowski, Sbisa, Baertschi: 3

Road +/-: Tanev, Edler: 8, Hansen, D. Sedin: 6, H. Sedin Hamhuis: 4

Even Strength Goals: D. Sedn, Hansen: 7, McCann: 5, H. Sedin: 4

PP Goals: D. Sedin: 4, H. Sedin, Vrbata, 3, Burrows, Edler: 2

SH Goals: H. Sedin, Sutter: 1

GWG: Sutter, D. Sedin: 2, Horvat, Hansen, Cracknell, Sbisa: 1

Time On Ice/Games Played: Edler: 24:49, Tanev: 21:54, Hamhuis: 19:37, H. Sedin: 19:31, Weber: 19:30, D. Sedin: 18:58, Sutter: 18:52.

Damn it, Where in the hell is your individual real-time stats? As a result of this fail, I cannot tell you which Canuck has the most hits, giveaways, takeaways, etc.


Ryan Miller: 20 GP, 7-7-0-6, 2.48 GAA, .913 SV%, 1 shutout

Jacob Markstrom: 3 GP, 1-1-0-1, 3.32 GAA, .903 SV%

Richard Bachman: 1 GP, 1-0-0-0, 3.01 GAA, .903 SV%

-Only Sergei Bobrovsky has started more games than Ryan Miller (21-20)

-Miller's 7 wins ranks him 21st in the NHL

-Despite the amount of starts he has had, Miller has seen the 5th-most shots in the NHL so far.

-Miller's 2.48 GAA ranks him far down the NHL goalie list. I'm not quite judging Miller for this. The team's defence still sucks ass.



-Hank Sedin: 6 goals and 13 assists in his last 15 games. YAAA!!!!

-Daniel Sedin: 9 goals and 14 assists in his last 18 games. Uh-oh it's magic!

-Vrbata: 3 goals and 3 assists in his last 6 games

-Hansen: 4 goals and 5 assists in his last 9 games

-Edler: 2 goals and 6 assists in his last 10 games


-Bo Horvat: 4 assists in his last 12 games.

-Burrows: 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 12 games.

-McCann: 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 11 games. Not putting any pressure on the kid though.

-Baertschi: 0 points in his last 6 games

-Higgins: 0 points in his last 9 games.

-ZERO points for Tanev in his last 11 games. The Canucks are not getting enough points from their defencemen.

-Was Weber supposed to save the Canucks' power play? He has 3 assists in 17 games so far. All 3 of those assists have come on the power play but it matters not. Weber is not the PP Jesus. See here.

-Was Barkowski supposed to be more than just a solid puck-moving d-man? 3 assists in his last 11 games.


After compiling these stats, 4 things stand out quite clearly to me:

1. The Sedins still kick ass

2. Radim Vrbata had better get his shit together

3. Bo Horvat is in a tough spot and I really hate it. We need Brandon Sutter back, so Bo can go back to line 3 with less pressure on him.

It becomes quite clear that the Canucks' D isn't going to chip in enough offensively this season. At least not yet, and we need more of it.  We also need more of Vrbata, We also need more of the kids but...I'm not putting any pressure on the punks.