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Canucks come back in the 3rd only to lose in a shootout.

The Canucks battle hard against the conference leading Stars but can't beat Niemi in the shootout.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks tiptoed into Dallas after holding onto their first…..did I type that right, no…second one goal regulation victory of the year. Although the Nucks did try and give it away in the end. Hey that line of Higgin/McCann/Vrbata was the talk of the town. Dallas came in to the game pissed that they lost to Ottawa. Dallas really has dominated the Canucks over the past few years and I don’t really enjoy watching B.C. boy Jamie Benn pick us apart.

Canucks Starting Lineup

First Period

I had to give my head a shake when John Shorhouse said the Nucks PP was 10 for 30 in the past few games. Maybe that’s my negativity as I seem to recall more of the shorthanded goals against than the PP goals. Then I saw the Stars PK was at 79% and wondered why that was after watching them hem the Canucks in their own zone on the Nucks first PP. The first real chance for the Nucks was created by the fourth line, who has been pretty good lately. The Canucks also got a 4 minute PP from that rush as Jamie Benn got his stick up in Tanev’s face. Maybe it’s when I watch the games that the Canucks PP is sucky because the Canucks got nothing out of that PP. The glaring issue with the Nucks on the PP or even strength is the fact that every D man, except Bartkowski, seems hesitant to carry the puck out of the D zone when there is pressure coming at them.

Daniel Sedin was sent to the box for tripping which let the second best PP get on the ice. Dallas didn’t waste much time and got a seeing-eye puck to go in off Benn’s skate.

The Canucks PK is not very good since Sutter got injured. I think there needs to be some adjustment as the guys on the weakside seem to be cheating over too much as they protect the middle and leave the open shot.

Canucks lead the shots 14-8 going into the locker but were losing 1-0.

Second Period

The second period started out with some nice rushed by both teams and John Klingberg decided that Christmas was just too far away for his liking. So he got the puck along the boards and while he was being pressured by Daniel Sedin, Klingberg decided to throw the puck in front of his own net….right to Hansen. Jannik then gave the puck quickly back to Daniel who put it behind Niemi to tie the game.

I saw a great shift from Dorsett/Hank/Prust. How about that for a new first line!!...ok, fine, but how many Canuck fans complained that the fourth line had too much money invested in it.

Here is a pic of the Sbisa penalty.


The puck is along the boards and I give Spezza credit as he let it go and took the hit. Sbisa was already committed at this point to the hit as Spezza was a nice juicy target. Canucks killed that PP ith some nice work by Cracknell at the top of the diamond.

Then Sven did a little Star chopping and got a penalty for this.

sven pen

It took about 30 seconds for the Stars to score on a Spezza rocket over Miller’s shoulder.

The rest of the period was more up and down play with each team having a couple scoring chances. The only line I really didn’t notice was the Horvat/AMFB/Sven line. Alex Edler had a point blank slapshot stopped by Niemi and Miller denied Spezza and Nichushkin up close. Horvat drew a penalty with 6 seconds left in the period.

Third Period

Hey remember that PP the Canucks received at the end of the second, yeah well…nothing came of it. We should do what Dallas did and stick 3 legitimate 30 goal scorers on the first unit PP. Oh….wait…do we have anyone that you would guarantee gets 30 goals for the Nucks? Nevermind then.

The Canucks go on the PP when Goligoski put the puck out in his own end, but Burrows decided that the PP was not working tonight and got a penalty of his own to try and change things up. Nothing came of each’s small PP time. Miller did a great Luongo impression as he came out to play a puck behind the net, fuck it up and then had to scramble back into the crease to make a save. Nice.

Burrows was able to make up for his earlier decision as he drew a penalty for the Nucks and then Jamie Benn guided Hamhuis into the boards.

The Nucks had a small two man advantage which didn’t lead to a goal. But the Sedins finally got one past Niemi as Daniel no-looked his way to Henrik who put it in the net.

Higgins could have ended it, but he just touched it off the post and the game went to overtime. I know.


Horvat/Vrbata/Tanev started OT…..which lead to a Stars scoring chance…..a bad line change lead to Stars scoring chance. Burrows.Weber/Hamhuis was an interesting line which almost lead to a Hamhuis center ice goal. The Canucks botch a line change which lead to a penalty. Great shift by Horvat and great saves by Miller helped kill the penalty. And off to a shootout. The Canucks had their chances in O/T and seemed to have some of the lines figured out.


Seguin waits out Miller and scores. Burrows was stopped….Vrbata was stopped and Higgins was stopped. Another loser point. We should collect those. Oh...and work on the PP which was 1 for 7.