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Game Day Coffee- Nov 25/15- Canucks @ Wild

After a 2 game homestand (can you even call that a homestand?) the Canucks are back on the road in Minnesota for another Guaranteed Loss Night™.

After a big win against Chicago and then a brutal loss to the New Jersey Devils (again), the Canucks are back on the road, kicking off this current swing in Minnesota. Andrey Pedan's been called up from Utica, but we won't likely see him until the road leads them to California, but maybe even as early as next game in Dallas Friday night. Other than that, the only real change will see Jake Virtanen getting back in the lineup, probably at the expense of Sven Baertschi. The Canucks won't get Brandon Sutter or Ben Hutton back during this road swing.

Ryan Miller will be in goal tonight, and will need to get back to his early season form against the high-scoring Wild (yes, I actually said that and not sarcastically). And it's a good thing they're producing the amount of offence they are, as Devan Dubnyk's been more like a mortal than the superhuman we saw last season. Shocking, right?

The keys to getting a road win tonight are simple, really. Stay out of the damn box, as the PK has shown all season long it can't be trusted. Get a ton of shots on net, and get back to the hard working style they showed last season being one of the NHL's better road teams. They're gonna need defence by committee, so that Miller doesn't get hung out to dry again, something that happens a lot to Canucks goalies in this building. And someone not named Sedin is going to have to start scoring. Simple, isn't it?


Botchford on the Sedins: As good at 35 as they were at 25? Maybe even better...

- A lot of talk about Bo Horvat's 'sophomore slump' lately...

- Maybe... just maybe, there's hope for Luca Sbisa

One goal games saved this team last year, and killing them now

2 percent better? It's a start...

- Canucks Army guest poster Mike Commito with a great piece on Pat Quinn's legacy

I um... wow. Okay...

- In a month where he's said a lot, here's the best quote from Ryan Miller:


- Former Islanders D Kenny Jonsson is in dire health

- The ripple effect of Connor McDavid's injury

- Yeah, because the issue here is goaltending depth, not that the organization is full of truly rotten human beings

- A memorial to legendary Soviet coach Viktor Tikhonov opened in Moscow


Can we talk underrated bands for a minute? How about NERVOSA? These ladies kick a serious amount of ass, with a sound equal parts modern thrash and a definite nod to the old school. Check out 'Death' off their album 'Victim of Yourself' on Napalm Records.