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Game Day Coffee- Nov 22/15

After a hectic day off (accidentally ran out of time to get my post done, sorry folks!) The Coffee is back to revel in the awesomeness of that Wizardous Sedinery last night.

At the very least, I wanted them not be blown out. What I expected was a competitive game, as the Blackhawks often bring some of this team's best efforts out. But I don't think anyone expected what we saw from Daniel and Henrik Sedin last night. Honestly, the only thing that was missing was a Trent Klatt goal, right?

There was a lot to like about last night's effort, along with some cringe-worthy plays, but unlike that entire road trip, the Canucks were able to overcome repeated efforts to shoot themselves in the foot. There were giveaways, shaky Ryan Miller moments, and another @^$#&%# PP goal against. But they also got some solid work from Miller, especially in the 3rd after the Hawks tied it up. They held Little Lord Fauntlerape Patrick Kane to 1 measly assist, and correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this Jannik Hansen slapping Duncan Keith upside the head?

(s/t to the Stanchion and The Province)

That being said, there's issues and some of them are not good. Radim Vrbabta is doubtful for tonight, with a groin issue, and we likely won't see Ben Hutton, as the Canucks have called up Taylor Fedun from Utica. He should be in the lineup as the Canucks get another crack at the New Jersey Devils, and who would have thought that Cory Schneider starting this game was not the biggest storyline tonight? Between the 'Jordan Tootoo is gonna do something stupid' watch and Brandon Prust's entirely predictable and uninspiring fight with Bobby Farnham, the Canucks are also looking to pay the Devils back for that loss in a game that the Canucks probably deserved to win, but that win against Chicago may help get their confidence levels back where they need to be.


- Much like the Sedins last night, PITB is on top of their game

- The Stanchion fills in on the Provies and it has a JPat guest appearance

- It truly was a classic night of Sedinery...

- The VanCity Buzz Six Pack from last night's win

- And since (sadly) Jeff Patterson has a lot of time on his hands now, he tweeted out this tidbit:

- He's also blogging now and that's a good thing

- Eyes On The Prize's Andrew Berkshire with a great piece on the Sedins for Sportsnet

- And finally, get out your translators, here's an interview with Pavel Bure on Alex Ovechkin


- Boston has claimed Landon Ferraro off waivers

- Nashville, meanwhile has claimed Petter Granberg from the Leafs

- Steve Simmons is doing an AMA on Reddit, and it's going as well as expected

- Kris Russell is overrated? You don't say...

- Andrej Pavelec got Doaned last night...


It's hard to believe it's been 30 years since Anthrax released 'Spreading The Disease', an album that truly changed metal. They're re-releasing the album along with a live set recorded in Tokyo in 1984, and from that bonus disc here's 'Madhouse' for ya!

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