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Virtanen And McCann Make The Bigs

The Canucks are getting younger. Jake Virtanen and Jared McCann have both made the cut (past the 9-game point) and will remain with the team. McCann has 5 goals and 0 assists in 9 games played with the Canucks so far. His 5 goals scored lead the team.  Virtanen has 2 assists in 8 games but brings far more, big hits.

Both players are receiving minimal amounts of ice time so far, but that's ok. The coaching staff is not rushing them.

I thought this advanced stat was interesting: McCann and Virtanen are 2nd and 3rd on the team with shot attempts for per 60 minutes a game.

The kids did not get an easy invitation to the club today. They got hazed in a sense by Willie D and the club, as they were shown video of their fuckups, leaving impression that they would not make the team. Funny stuff:

Here are interview clips of both players after learning they made the team:

Congrats, boys! Good luck out there.