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Week in Tweets: Shinkaruk's Debut, Sbisa's Return and Prospect Delight

How much Shinkaruk will we see? Do Jordin Tootoo's allegations have any truth to them? Do we actually miss Sbisa? Find out on today's Week in Tweets.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I am starting a weekly column where I summarize the biggest Canucks headlines using the all-encompassing world of Twitter as a crutch. Those Twitter-ers seem to have a take on just about anything that happens ever, so content and material is not something I'll be short of, and I figure as long as they keep producing storylines/humour/interesting stats/insight this operation should run smoothly.

As for what makes the list of tweets and what doesn't is up to me, but I'll be using tweets regarding storylines about the Vancouver Canucks and occasionally the entire NHL. In my experience, most of the pre-amble in blog articles gets skimmed over by impatient readers, so I'm just gonna get into the nitty-gritty.

#1 - Hunter Shinkaruk

Hunter Shinkaruk's explosion in the first 12 games of the AHL season came as a surprise to some, but to those who saw what he was capable of in junior and the Canucks training camps, it was less a surprise and more of a relief.

Shinkaruk's been among my favourite prospects since he was drafted, so his 10 goals and PPG pace isn't shocking to me, but I wasn't expecting to see him spend time with the Canucks so quickly. But on Saturday Shinkaruk, whose AHL team doesn't play again until the 20th, was called up to the Canucks in case of injury, illness or, I don't know, someone's wife going into labour.

As it turns out, that's exactly what happened, as Alex Burrows had to make a quick dash back to Vancouver to attend the birth of his third child. Good luck to him.

And good luck to Shinkaruk, who will draw into Burrows's place in the lineup tonight versus Montreal. As for his thoughts, he hasn't said much about tonight's game apart from anecdotes about his childhood bed sheets.

#2 - Bring Back Sbisa!

It's really quite comical. When Sbisa was injured a couple weeks ago, parts of Twitter thought it could be addition by subtraction. After all, Sbisa's been consistently terrible in his career and was the whipping boy when things went wrong, which they seem to do quite a lot. His 3.6 million dollar AAV extension didn't help the matter either.

But as soon as Sbisa went down with injury, the team started tanking. Since Sbisa was injured the Canucks have managed to win three of a possible 14 points. Not good. So some fans started singing Sbisa's praises, expressing their desire to have the Canucks' most ridiculed player back on the roster.

Of course, there are two sides to this story. The team which had an unrealistically good start has started to regress and Ryan Miller's save percentage since the Sbisa injury has been below .900. Unless Sbisa spent his time off practising his goaltending skills profusely, he isn't going to help much in that regard. And as far as defense goes, we know historically that decision making isn't Sbisa's strong point, so he isn't going to help the breakout, which has been struggling significantly.

But it's a fun narrative.

#3 - Prust vs Farnham

Three tweets into this segment and I'm already cheating. Alright, Brandon Prust's tweet calling out Bobby Farnham was sent on November 8, a week and one day ago, but I'm going to let it slide on account of being one of the better tweets from a Canuck player not named Roberto I've ever seen.

Thanks to an ankle injury, Prust has been at home in Vancouver for the majority of the road trip, so he's been forced to watch the games from his sofa. He has taken this opportunity to engage with the fans in a series of live tweets regarding the games and provide his own analysis to the world of Twitter.

So when noted goon Bobby Farnham took down Jake Virtanen in a fight last Sunday, followed by a slightly over-the-top celebration, Prust let his thoughts be known publicly.

The Devils are in town on the 22nd, and Prust is expected to be back in the lineup by then. Can we anticipate a scrum or two between the two tough-guys? It all depends on if Farnham can last another week without getting waived.

#4 - Burrows vs Tootoo

Who would have thought a Sunday afternoon game against the Devils would cause such a commotion?

Alex Burrows has distanced himself from being a source of controversy quite well over the past couple years, but that didn't affect people's reactions when Jordin Tootoo called him out for spouting over-the-line chirps from the penalty box.

The NHL looked into it and decided there was nothing suspension-worthy there, so this matter is at rest now. Let's move on.

Okay one more.

#5 - Prospects Galore!

Let's end on a happy note, shall we?

For years, the Canucks prospect cupboard has been pathetically thin, so when we see the prospects the team has now it can be slightly mindblowing.

It's not just that the well-established picks are exceeding expectations (Demko, Boeser, Shinkaruk) it's that the lesser known prospects are starting to make a name for themselves. Who thought a year ago Ben Hutton would be in the Canucks top four? And remember that 2nd round pick from 2009, who failed to establish himself in the AHL and was forced back to Sweden?

You know things are going well when Anton Rodin has 24 points in 18 games in the SHL.

It even extends to this year's draft, as Carl Neill is currently a point per game defenseman in the QMJHL. Carl Neill!

You can follow the prospects' progress on OneCanucks's prospect stat page here.