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Canucks find 11th way to lose this year, falling 4-2 to the Leafs.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn’t really planning on doing the game recap. I wasn’t even home two watch the first two periods. I scrolled back through my NHL gamecenter live feed and then had to get up and get a drink. This won’t be a regular recap of all the action as I just can’t bring myself to live this game over. I just want to erase this game from my memory. But before I do that, let’s talk about a few things.

The goal that was scored in the third by Joffrey (who calls there kid that?) Lupal is our starting point.

Didn’t Burrows get called for goalie interference the other night on a similar situation? Craig Simpson was talking about how Miller was down anyways and had no chance to move over to attempt to save it. But isn’t that the point? Miller couldn’t move because he was interfered with. How can one attempt to make a save if they can’t move to make the attempt? Blows my fucking mind. That goal was a back breaker. You play like shit and still have a chance to then have a weird interpretation of a rule where the guys upstairs says, “Meh, your goalie was down but like would have never gotten there anyways dude.”

My second issue tonight had to do with Hansen’s disallowed goal.

By the rules in place today in the NHL, that goal was no good. There is no arguing that. He played it with his foot and while he never meant to kick it in, in it went. This time I agree with Craig Simpson’s idea that the league should start allowing goals like this. All the complaining of low scoring games and yet I have seen Daniel Sedin score one with his hand and Hansen’s tonight and wonder why the rules can’t be changed to allow the puck to be put in the net in other ways than just a stick or deflection off a leg or body. I’m sure the Sedins could head on in. More creative ways of scoring would be better for the league.

The kids had a tough night. Too many turnovers…and some lead to goals. They will have those types of nights. I just wish it wasn’t against the Leafs. I have family members who are going to harass me non-stop until Vancouver can beat the Leafs. And I don’t want to hear “they should have played more tonight!!” No…just no. They shouldn’t have. The first line was fun to watch and create chances all over the place. Hutton, Sven, Jake and Bo all had a -2 on their stat line. Growing pains are tough to watch….especially against a shitty team like the Leafs.

My third point tonight is to guide you towards the obvious…

Vrbata has the luck of the Irish. And by that I mean the Irish when they were under English rule. In his last 8 games he has averaged 4 shots a game and scored, wait for it…….0 goals. And tonight his own teammate screws him out of a goal by going offside away from the play. Vrbata’s luck is almost on par with Weber, who has no goals this season. He did get 5 shots on net tonight and was a threat on the PP for our side for once. My frustration with Weber is on the defensive end, where he gets out of position too often. Play defense first…then worry about scoring. Or score a ton of goals and continue to play defense like you are now. Just choose one instead of doing what you doing now.

Ok….crappy recap. I know. But I’m putting as much effort into it as the Canucks have put into this road trip.

The complete highlights and boxscore of the game are here. Go ahead and watch them. I just won't do it

I will now use alcohol to erase this game from my memory.