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Game Day Coffee- Nov 14/15

Times like these, games and the like seem to lose any semblance of importance. Yet a distraction can help in times of grief and despair.

Photo: Peace for Paris" by Jean Jullien.

We try to avoid getting political in these parts, out of respect and a desire to keep things focused on why we're all here. Sadly, sometimes things happen that make it hard to keep it that way, and the attacks yesterday in Paris definitely fall into that category. I am finding it hard to get excited about a game that we as Canucks (and Leafs fans) look forward to each year, the sadness I feel over the attacks in Paris, Baghdad and Beirut yesterday seeing hundreds of innocent people losing their lives. It can feel so very wrong to care about something as trivial as a game at times like this.

And yet, we need to remember that the very goal of groups like ISIS is fear. To disrupt the day to day existence so that you allow that fear to fester into rage, provoking a response that they in turn can use to justify their cause. And so it's through things like sport, like music, that we can show that we will not be ruled by fear. They want everyone in the West to blame these attacks on Islam, that Muslims are the ones responsible. But the vast majority of Muslims reject this perversion of their religion, in the same way most Christians shun the Westboro Baptist Church types out there.

I don't claim to have all the answers. Hell, it's hard enough to even know all of the complex nuances of the Middle East situation. Yet there's a simple truth out there, we're all people who want the same thing: peace, safety and happiness. ISIS is launching attacks like this because they know that the West opening their arms to take Syrian refugees completely contradicts their propaganda. It's so much easier for them to recruit more to their cause this way, using this fear to stir up xenophobic and racist views. Reject the mob mentality. Reject the politics of fear and hatred. This pretty much sums it up better than I can:

Now, onto the game at hand. The Canucks are, if nothing else a fascinating study of contrasts. Nights they stink up the joint, they walk away with 2 points. Others, they're easily the best team on the ice, but leave with nothing to show for it. There are times where it looks like the Canucks could very well be on their way to replicating last season's somewhat surprising success, yet the simple fact remains: This team has just 7 wins in 17 games so far. That's not good enough, and unless they're able to stop this hockey version of death by a thousand cuts, they're not making the post-season.

I'd like to be able to say there's nothing like a game against one of the worst teams in the NHL to cure what ails you, but as we saw against Columbus the other night, the Canucks had their hands full against a team who they should have rolled over. Looks like it's James Reimer vs Ryan Miller tonight in goal, so with that, let's get to the links:


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