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Game Day Coffee- Nov 12/15

It's almost like they were listening, right? At a time where criticism of the Sedins was reaching a crescendo, they responded (along with Jannik Hansen) with an 11 point night, and we had a pretty sweet Brandon Sutter sighting to stick it to Ol' Torts.

It was ugly, for sure. But there were some positives there. Brandon Sutter's power move on the game winner showed us why they brought him here. Jacob Markstrom had a hell of a game as the Canucks D spent long stretches completely MIA. The Sedins had a dominant game, looking far more like the players they should still be able to be, even at their age. And best of all, Jannik Hansen had a career game. I imagined that all night that he had this running through his head:

Fitting that the incident came against the Ottawa Senators, as that's who the Canucks are playing tonight. Hansen has had his revenge, and everyone can all move forward. Well, everyone except Torts. He has to stay in Columbus, the poor bastard. Anyway, tonight they take on the Sens are hosting the Canucks, and this should be a pretty good matchup, both teams with 7 wins so far this season. Ryan Miller will get the start tonight, and we just saw this tweeted

So, now that we know who's in net, let's get at the links, shall we?


- From Ryan Miller's fair criticism of the NHL's sudden fervor to change goalie equipment (again) to Brandon Sutter being a game time decision, there's lots in the Vancouver Sun report

- Miller's also not too happy with Ray Ferraro

- Somehow, through all this mess the Canucks are still leading the Pacific Division

- Our pals over at Silver Seven don't think we have a sniff at a win tonight

- It's ridiculous that it's gone this far, but let's be honest: This is all about who said something, not what was said.


- The Flames have crappy goaltending, so does this help? Probably not.

- Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts are a must read as always

- Pierre Le Brun on the struggles of the Tampa Bay Lightning


Some sad news for the metal world yesterday, with the passing of former MOTORHEAD drummer Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor at the age of 61. Taylor played on 11 of Motorhead's albums, including 'Ace Of Spades' and 'Bomber'. Here's a classic for ya, RIP, Phil.