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Game Day Coffee- Nov 10/15

Forget the tire fire at home, the Canucks have decided to take the flaming garbage on the road. Tonight, it's hello Cleveland Columbus. Seems like a pretty big game, but I'm not sure why...?

Alright, let's get the ugly part out of the way first. Did Alex Burrows say something nasty to Jordan Tootoo Sunday? Probably. Is this something that needs to be addressed by the NHL? Unless Burr said something racist (of which there's absolutely no evidence of him saying anything, and Tootoo himself wouldn't even hint at what might have been said) then no, they don't. And let's not kid ourselves here: If you think that this is an isolated incident: you're kidding yourself, especially if you think Jordan Tootoo, who ranks alongside Burr as one of the league's most despised players (but for different reasons, mind you) isn't a master of trash talk. I'm not supporting him IF he's guilty of saying something inappropriate. But it's extremely naive to think that it's not something that nearly every player engages in. Last night on TSN 1040, Scott Rintoul had Ray Ferraro on talk about the incident, and Ferraro was extremely open and honest about the kind of trash talk that goes on down at ice level, including his own penchant for it. You need to listen to it to get some context here. I do find it interesting to see that the kind of effort that went into defending Stephane Auger wasn't afforded to Burrows in the same position, even though Auger's offense was far worse. Then again, if you're also surprised at this... A few minutes ago, Dan Murphy tweeted this:

So maybe we'll get to the end of this, right? Yeah, probably not.

Okay I lied. The rest of this is pretty ugly, too. And yes, you should not be surprised at this either. The Canucks are going to keep losing games like this as long as they continue to do the same things over and over that aren't working. The good news is that it looks like the Canucks may be getting Chris Tanev back in the lineup soon, and lord knows that's gonna help. Tanev's been a stud on the back end for the Canucks this year, and a little stability will help. What is troubling is it looks like they're going to sit Jake Virtanen and play Adam Cracknell instead. Not a knock on Cracknell, he brings a solid effort to the rink every night, but so does Jake, and at a time where Chris Higgins has been the best vet over the last couple games, taking the youth out of the lineup seems odd at best. One thing the Canucks are doing is changing over the power play units, and thank dog, because holy crap was that frustrating to watch on Sunday as they gave the game away with that flaccid 5 minute PP.  Jacob Markstrom is getting the start for the Canucks tonight, his first of the season, while the Blue Jackets will go with Sergei Bobrovsky.

I wish I could get as pumped for the first game against John Tortorella, but honestly I am more concerned about our team's play than showing up the coach who helped immensely in setting the Canucks back instead of moving forward. Torts's approach to the game and team that he was given was old and tired before he even started, and he'll soon wear out his welcome in Columbus as he did in Vancouver. It's a shame, because they have some really nice pieces there with Ryan Johansen, Cam Atkinson and David Savard. It's just a shame he'll misuse one, break one and run one out of town before he's done, probably.


- JPat says it's time to split the Sedins. I wanna see your thoughts on this in the comments.

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- JB might be heading to Sweden to check out the Swedish League's leading scorer, Anton Rodin

- Excited about Thatcher Demko? Don't be. He's not real.

- *sighs* Nice job, DoPS

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- Even with Duncan Keith set to return, the Blackhawks are likely to look for more help on D

- The Habs will be without Carey Price forat least another week

- As he prepares to go into the Hall of Fame, a nice look at Sergei Fedorov

Uh... okay


Space-lovin' thrash fiends VEKTOR are back, and holy hell this track just rips! Earache Records will be unleashing 'Terminal Redux', on March 11th 2016, so it's great they've given us this track to hold us over til then.