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Canucks News: Burrrows/Tootoo, Biega And Markstrom Called Up

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Don't mind me. I'm transitioning from night shift to day shift and doing a shitty job of it.

First off:

Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Biega will likely ride the pine, as Tanev (finger) may play, and Miller will finally gets a day off.

Another Twitter gem:

Torts always praised the Sedins, and gave them an abundance of ice time so this seems like a mutual thang. I like it.

In regards to this whole Burrows-Tootoo thing....

Shut the fuck up Tootoo. Here is the sorta timeline of the event:

Heheheheheheh....well Jordin... carry the flag on in-game etiquette! No really, don't read anything into this bullshit, hockey fans. A lot of things are said when two men engage in conflict throughout the history of humanity. If Burr made some comments about drunken seal-clubbing or what-the-hell-ever it doesn't matter. Tootoo can take that stuff up internally with the NHL and not to the media.

The media has a god damned field day with this shit and there within lies the issue. I love Burrows. You love Burrows as Canucks fans. I hate Tootoo. So do you. Can you possibly imagine everything that has ever been said on the ice in heated moments? No you can't. Nor can I. I can assure you that thousands of worse things have been said. Don't buy into this Tootoo bullshit. I respect the situation he has come from in his own personal life make no mistake. It's very serious stuff, and for him to be in the NHL, conquering his demons is excellent. But....on the ice.... if you wanna engage......all bets are off. If you wanna be a shit-disturbing-4th liner playing in the NHL then grow thick skin. When I say "grow thick skin" I mean not only "STFU" I also mean: "hey Tootoo how clean is your slate on the ice?" No doubt he has talked some shit in his career.

So, this situation is nothing.

God damn it. I can already sense the coming morale battle in the comments section....Let's get it on! C'mon you city peeps, fight it out with us country rednecks!