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Ovechkin Ties Fedorov For Top Russian Scorer In NHL History. Where Does Bure Rank?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

483. That is the record for the most amount of goals that a Russian player has scored in the NHL. I got home from work recently and opened my computer to check hockey stuff. I was surprised that Ovechkin's goal against the Leafs had only tied Sergei Fedorov's record:

I immediately wondered how in the hell Pavel Bure was not in the top 2 or 3 overall. I mean, that dude scored a hell of a lot of goals in a shortened career. But here are the overall stats of the top 3 scoring Russians in NHL history:

Alexander Ovechkin: 772 games played, 483 goals, 910 points

Sergei Fedorov: 1248 games played, 483 goals, 1179 points

Pavel Bure: 702 games played, 437 goals, 779 points

Ovechkin is 30 years old.

Fedorov was about 43 when he retired.

Bure had messed up knees before retiring at the age of 33, I believe.


Fedorov had .387 goals per game

Ovechkin has a .626 goals per game average so far

Bure had a .623 goals per game average. What? Wow....

So it's a big kudos to Ovechkin to be just above Bure's goals per game average, especially given how goals are harder to come by nowadays.

The points per game between Ovechkin and Bure may be seemingly even more astounding.

Ovechkin has a 1.18 points per game in his regular season career.

Bure has a 1.11 ppg. Sergei Fedorov just played a lot of games in his career (1248) so of course there's the ol' declining with age factor. Gotta admire his durability at least. He was a fantastic player and a better 2-way player than Bure and Ovechkin combined.

At this point Ovechkin has the statistical edge over Bure. Sad but true, because....of course we want Bure to rule the school. Unfortunately OV has something to say about this. Good on him. He is going to be regarded as the most dominant Russian forward in the NHL for many years to come.