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Counterpoint: The Necessity Of Waiving Frankie Corrado

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Arpannnnn, you'll need to have thick skin with this one. I just have some free time and want to rebut your post The Stupidity Of Waiving Frank Corrado, because it stirred a strong emotion within me.

I do believe the Toronto Maple Leafs made a smart decision in claiming Frank Corrado off of waivers from the Canucks. The Canucks had a lot of decisions to make after this training camp and preseason and I am sure that the decision on Frankie was a tough one. I'm not surprised Corrado was claimed off waivers and I am sure Jim Benning wasn't entirely surprised either. It was living on a prayer I guess that he would not be claimed. But at the same time, Benning said:

GM Jim Benning speaking. Says he's happy for Corrado, because he'll get a chance to play, he wasn't going to as 8th D-man.

Benning talked to 10 to 15 teams about a trade for Corrado. Nothing worked out. "To develop, Corrado needs to play."

Coach Willie Desjardins said:

"We would have liked to keep Frankie, but he needs to play. He wasn't one of our top-6 guys in camp. We wish him well"

And what they are saying isn't some idiotic statement. It's true. They are not only giving Frankie a chance to play at the NHL level with his beloved Leafs, they also tried to trade him to anybody (10-15 teams apparently) and didn't get any solid offers. Well who the hell would be pissing away prospects or picks at this point in the game? Notice any NHL trades lately? The Canucks were not playing from a position of strength at this point in any negotiating process with Corrado.

When a guy like Ben Hutton blows your mind at training camp and preseason YOU GO WITH BEN HUTTON. Is it a risk? I don't know....did you watch him play in preseason? He was outstanding. He is bigger and faster and can play power play minutes. That's more than you can say for Corrado, who, as Willie noted: was not playing like a top 6 guy in preseason. And that is the truth. Corrado was NOT. Hutton WAS.

Hell! We should be excited about this development. Why are the Benning haters lighting their bonfires again? He's playing his best players. Hutton is far better than Corrado. Jeeziz.

The other point that's circulating is that the Canucks' defence cupboard is or has gone bare. No it has not. I am a fan of both Jordan Subban and Alex Biega. I am sure Benning is too. They just need a little more AHL time...or perhaps less than we know. Sure, the defensive depth has taken a hit over the past few months with the losses of Corrado and Clendening BUT.....I have 2 words for you: asset management. The Canucks have more depth at the forward position than on defence at this point. So, if the shit hits the fan with the defence, Benning has enough forwards to flop in a trade for another defenceman. . It's just common sense.

It doesn't matter that Benning didn't put Chris Higgins on the LTIR to make room for Corrado! As was the case today:

Benning says they could have moved Higgins to LTI but Corrado would have been 8th dman. Van felt he needed to play, so went for AHL

It is what it is. Benning wants Hutton in over Corrado. Corrado's fate was created by.....Corrado, actually! He was outplayed by Hutton and Hutton just happens to be a bigger defenceman with far more offensive upside, which is exactly what the Canucks need right now. At least the Canucks' brass wished him well and gave him an opportunity to further his NHL skills in Toronto who, are clearly not a better team than the Canucks.

Is this a gamble? What isn't? But if you have watched Ben Hutton play this preseason you would have to say that it is an excellent gamble.


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