The stupidity of waiving Frank Corrado

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Another day, another consequence of a stupid move by the Vancouver Canucks.

In a summer that has been filled with bone headed decisions such as trading the better goalie who makes significantly less and overpaying for marginally better centers who then don't fit on the team so you shove them on the first line because you know why the heck not, it would only be fitting there would be one last WTF move prior to the season starting.

Today, Frank Corrado was claimed off waivers by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

It would be remiss if I didn't point out that Corrado is a 22 year old defenceman who has the defensive awareness to be a lower bottom two top four d-man. He is also a right-handed shot which is quite valuable in the NHL.

Oh and did I mention the Canucks lack of young d-men?

In the past eight months the Canucks have lost three young dmen in their system in Corrado, Adam Clenndenning and Gustav Forsling while getting nothing in return. Let that sink in for a second.

A team whose biggest issue is young defencemen going forward is handed them out like they are Halloween candy to the rest of the NHL.

The fact it got to this point is pretty hilarious considering there were real solutions where the Canucks could have kept Ben Hutton and Frank Corrado but only if the Canucks had a cap management guy to do it (that's another story).

However, as always a bigger issue is in play and that is yet again, Jim Benning has shown egregious asset management yet again. You cannot keep losing good assets for squat and not feel pain down the road.

It's like asking about global warming from a very abstract and fundamental perspective. Yeah, you may not feel immediate repercussions, but all of these actions have future negative consequences. They are coming and boy will they be coming in a big way if the Canucks brass keep showing blatant disregard for asset management. I was very young during the Mike Keenan and Messier days but we are starting to get there which should be very concerning for both fans and the ownership who has put a premium on making the playoffs.

Here is for hoping the Canucks brass somehow learn about asset management in the next week or so because from a fans perspective, this is getting quite ridiculous.

What happens if Ben Hutton struggles, or a defenceman or two goes down to injury?

Remember last year when the Caucks won 5-4 in a shootout to the New York Rangers? Their defenceman dressed in that game were Dan Hamhuis, Yannik Weber, Luca Sbisa, Alex Biega, Ryan Stanton and Adam Clendening.

Are Alex Biega and Taylor Fedun capable of playing quality NHL defensive minutes? Time will tell, but it would'vebeen nice to have Corrado around as extra depth in an injury occurs, and based of previous seasons, you know they will.

And all of this couldv'e been avoided. If the Canucks had placed Chris Higgins on LTIR, it would've freed up a roster spot for Corrado.

Asset mangement has hampered this team since the early 2000's and it continues to be a factor when trying to determine the long-term outlook for the Vancouver Canucks.

Best of luck to Frank Corrado with the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.

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