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Sedins Sweet In OT To Kill The Oilers In Preseason Finale

The Samoan Slam..I think
The Samoan Slam..I think
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The final game of the Canucks' preseason ended in brilliant 3 on 3 overtime action, where the Twins should dominate all season long. Here are the game highlights:

Yea all the Sedins need is space, and wide-open 3 on 3 overtimes will benefit them as long as they have puck possession. I love the lazy Nuge backcheck on OT-winner play. Yea you have just been infected with Sedinery, asshole!

I know it's just preseason but it is still fun to not only hold Connor McDavid pointless, but to also beat these fiends that we all hate. Hey Joey Kenward: stop asking Canucks players about playing against McJesus pre-game. They are doing just fine against him, and these questions are fucking stupid. Expand your questionnaire repertoire ffs.

Willie D decided to start Brandon Sutter with the Sedins in this game (probably to get his offence going) but that did not work out and Hansen replaced him on that line.

Our fave D-man Ben Hutton perhaps had a step back from his terrific preseason, but we shall see if he gets cut today or not.

-Ryan Miller. All business. Terrific game. To quote the Edmonton Sun's 3 stars of the game:

1. Ryan Miller, Canucks

Was the reason his team didn't get run out of the building.

-2 assists for Alex Edler.

-Can the regular season just start already? In the meantime, it will be interesting to see which players gets cut in the next 24 hours. Jake Virtanen for example played 12 minutes or less on the 4th line in this game. Jared McCann played less as well. I think the picture is becoming clearer.....